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A Poem: “Like Gossamer” by Elaine Patterson


Spider web in the morning dew.

A poem in praise of not knowing and a tribute to Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.

The poem was first shared with participants on the UK Coaching Diploma Course in October 2016!


A question. A worry.

An unease. An anxiety.

Caught off balance.

A nudge, which will not go away…

Demanding attention.

I stagger. Annoyed.

But also know that what I know is not enough.

Cannot be enough….

Because once again an unknown landscape beckons me to enter…..

My current language is not enough for what I am being invited into…

Life is wanting a new conversation with me….. again….

Like Alice I go to the edge….

Feeling myself slip I stop resisting….

I let go …..and let life in….

A stillness descends where time stops still….

Where gossamer floats,

Fragments float in and out of view …

Not yet ready to be make themselves visible…..

And which disappear if I grasp too quickly, too urgently, too impatiently…

I settle at the bottom of the crucible….

Sometimes alone, sometimes with another…

Curious, comfortable and at home….

Inviting in what wants to emerge….

Melting, merging, melding,

Until I finally see what wants to be seen ……


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