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CSA Supervision Groups

CSA supervisors offer group supervision for supervisors, internal coaches and for coaches, leaders and teams who want to utilise the powerful learning and development available through group supervision. All of the accredited supervisors on this site are trained in group supervision.

Group supervision can occur in various ways: face-to-face, via telephone, Zoom or GoToMeeting. Many of our supervisors are working locally or within organisations. If you would like to establish a face-to-face group in your area or in your organisation, you can contact the supervisor nearest you– see the list of accredited supervisors.

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MIRIAM ORRISS  CSA Course Director: NEW  Supervision Group, Starting  Autumn 2019

Transactional Analysis is a favourite communications tool for coaches worldwide.  Miriam Orriss, has studied and practised TA for over 25 years, beginning with a 6-year course in TA at Metanoia, London.  Miriam has particular skills in supporting coaches who wish to develop their practice through the TA lens.  She is a Director of the Coaching Supervision Academy and she has taught the TA component on the EMCC/ICF accredited CSA supervision diploma for many years. Her supervisees benefit hugely from her in-depth understanding of TA and her long experience as a coach supervisor.

This is a unique offering and a unique opportunity; if you already have some experience as a coach and would like to know how to use TA in your practice, this is a great opportunity to work with an expert in the field of both TA and supervision.

Participants on the course will increase their skills in the following areas using a case study focus, and key TA concepts:

  • Contracting – spot contracting, multiparty contracting
  • Creating the working alliance
  • Getting to know your client
  • Getting to know yourself
  • Working with ‘difficult’ clients
  • Using the Karpman Drama Triangle
  • Recognising and resolving the ‘games people play’
  • Learning about scripts and how to support your client to resolve them
  • Learning about what drives your clients.
  • Communication and dialogue skills through using the 3 ego-states
  • Using TA to resolve ‘critical moments’ in coaching.
  • Reflecting skilfully on your coaching sessions

If you would like to join this small group – max 5 – please email Miriam at:    The group will start in September, will meet for one and a half hours per month, for 6 sessions.  Times will be arranged with the group.

Cost £80 per session – total £480

Miriam Orriss

Co-Founder and Operational Director Coaching Supervision Academy


Groups are great places in which to learn.  I love running them and I love learning in them. I have run supervision groups for many years now – groups for supervisors, coaches and internal coaches.

Into this group, you can bring client work, contractual conversations, coaching themes, critical incidents in your work, personal reflections and anything else that you feel might be useful for you to talk about in supervision.  I want you to feel that whatever your musings are or whatever your coaching enquiries are, you can bring them into the room; you do not have to look only at client issues. I really want the learning space to be open and for you to feel free to explore whatever you need to in order to return to your work refreshed and resourced.

This will be a small group – max 5 – and we will meet on Zoom for 90 minutes per month for 6 months, setting September 2019. Cost  £80 per session – total £480.

Kindly email me at   if you would like to join us!

Edna Murdoch  EMCC Accredited Supervisor