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PED – Professional Educational Development

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PED Videos

Mission and purpose:

  • To support professionals to continuously develop their skills, behaviours and knowledge, particularly when coaching and supervising others.
  • To enable professionals to reflect on their work with others and to focus on the best methods to build and sustain workplace relationships.
  • To deepen and build their reflective practice both before during and after sessions.
  • To enhance the health and well-being of professionals when working in stressful and challenging environments.
  • To raise awareness of cultural diversity and inclusion when supporting others in our global diverse and uncertain world
  • To inform and educate through latest research and trends throughout the coaching and supervision industry



The importance of reflective practice and professional supervision has never been greater. Working internationally in a wide range of industries and organisations, leadership supervisors are able to provide a unique professional thinking space. This results in better decision making, clearer communication, and enhanced people skills, so essential for today’s leaders.

Managers leaders, coaches, mentors and those in supporting roles can find essential reflection, challenge and professional development.

In this set of videos, we share insights & honest reflections on our work with coaches and leaders worldwide.


In this first series you will discover:

  1. What makes engaging in reflective practice and leadership superVision so relevant for busy professionals
  2. How reflection unravels systemic complexity in the workplace
  3. The relational intelligence that is key to professional development
  4. Explanation of essential superVision models
  5. How clearer thinking enhances effective decision making
  6. How superVision supports employee engagement and motivation
  7. Which superVision models & strategies support high functioning teams
  8. Trends and core dilemmas brought to superVision (AoCS survey 2015)


Episode 1 – Introduction to super-Vision

Edna Murdoch, CEO of CSA, and pioneer of coaching superVision development, outlines her journey into establishing superVision as a practice for coaches, mentors and leaders. She shows how clinical and coaching superVision differ and how she developed the key elements of coaching supervision as we know it today.  Supervisees will understand more fully what actually […]

Episode 2 – Ensuring best practice for leaders

In this video, Jackie Arnold Dip CSA Supervisor & Expert Consultant on Coaching & SuperVision underlines the journey of discovery in superVision. Jackie illustrates a variety of systemic models, while emphasising the importance of building the reflective and relationship aspects of superVision. In this video you will see how superVision enables practitioners to be aware […]

Episode 3 – Intro to the Full Spectrum Model (FSM)

On this video, Edna and Jackie explain some of the thinking behind the Full Spectrum Model (FSM) of superVision See: and show how sharing superVision models with supervisees can enable the supervisee to learn and to feel safe in their learning.  The FSM opens a window into the systemic complexities of business and professional […]

Episode 4 – Self-awareness, Presence and Support

In the session, Edna and Jackie take us further into the Full Spectrum Model of superVision. They look at the core of the FSM  and illustrate how relational understanding is at the heart of supervisory work and how supervision builds relational intelligence for the supervisee. SuperVision focuses on a high level of energy and impact. […]

Episode 5 – Are you using your internal supervisor?

This video illustrates the key role of the ‘Internal Supervisor’ and the resulting reflective processes. Jackie speaks of supervision as a way to see differently and see more.  She points to the impact of neuroscience and how head, heart and gut alignment support clear thinking and perception.

Episode 6 – Making the most of supervision

Here, topics like supervisee readiness, expectations of supervision and the responsibilities of the supervisor are addressed. Readiness requires openness to new learning and the capacity to hold difficult moments lightly and with humour. Supervision offers space and time to think, in the context of a robust, honest, safe relationship. The video also looks at when […]

Episode – 7 Co-Creating the supervisory relationship

This episode deals directly with how supervisees can get the very best from their supervisor. Edna and Jackie discuss choosing your supervisor and how to co-create the learning dialogue in superVision.  They underline the potency of reflection in superVision for both supervisor and supervisee.  The video encourages supervisees to find the very best supervisor for […]

Episode 8 – Across Boundaries Research (AoCS)

The three ‘Across Boundaries’ videos, focus on the important and emerging themes in the field of coaching, mentoring, and coach supervision – what are the key changes that are occurring and how should we respond to them? A short survey preceded the Across Boundaries event (AoCS) and highlighted some key concerns affecting internal coaches and […]