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Creativity and the brain

We are inundated with information about the brain at the moment.  That’s because we are finding out much more about how it works and especially for us, how coaches and supervsiors can use our understanding of how the brain works to enhance our practice. In contexts such as decision making, creativity, creating a good learning environment, creating a container for the coaching relationship – using knowledge of how the brain works can be enormously helpful. Dan Siegel, David Rock and Paul Brown are making marvellous sense of new brain discoveries that support our work in coaching, mentoring and supervision. Google any of them to find resources and references to key texts on current brain science.


BBC’s Horizon programme recently ran a fascinating programme about creativity and the brain.  The link is below and it will be available on iplayer until the end of this month.  Enjoy!


BBC Two – Horizon, 2013-2014, The Creative Brain: How Insight Works


Edna Murdoch  March  2013