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CSA graduate Jackie Arnold: NEW BOOK on supervision!

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Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T.
Jackie Arnold

ISBN: 9781845908621
Available February 2014 £9.99

Coaching Supervision at its B.E.S.T. contains clear strategies and real life case studies and can be used in all settings where there is a need for effective and efficient coaching supervision. The specific clean questioning technique allows the supervisor to remove assumptions and have an insightful and eagle eyed view of the whole supervision spectrum. The book follows closely the requirements for the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) Level 7 Masters level qualification in Coaching Supervision.

The key topics covered are:

  • The principles and practice of coaching supervision in organisations using clean language and clean space
  • Beforeundertakingsupervision
  • Thesupervisee
  • Supervisionmethods
  • Duringsupervision
  • The internal versus external supervisor
  • Supervision quality assurance and review
  • Supervisionscenarios.This practical guide can be used by leaders, coaches and supervisors in business, education, health and public services. It is highly recommended for ILM 7 Supervision Qualification Candidates at ILM Centres all over the UK and EU.

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Jackie Arnold is a former board member of the UK ICF. She is also an associate coach/consultant
for Notion & the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education, delivering executive coaching programmes and consulting on building a coaching culture. She uses Clean Language Methodology as a Coach Supervisor and is Ambassador for CSA and The Association Of Coaching Supervisors.

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