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CSA: June Newsletter.

Welcome to the CSA June newsletter.


  • BACPC conference report.
  • Article from IONS – Institute of Noetic Science – by Rick Hanson on Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
  • New Book – free excerpt
  • New Article
  • ICF Approved Coaching Supervision Diploma
  • NEW: Presence Under Pressure workshop
  • NEW Coaching Supervision groups
  • Coaches in the Park
  • NEW: Creative Supervision workshop

BACP Coaching Conference, June 2011

There is so much happening at CSA these days that I will take only a short time to tell you about the special BACPC conference.(British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy, Coaching section)

“This was one of those special days when, ‘every single presentation offered something fresh and different – engaging and energising people. I have rarely seen so many people at one conference just glowing with enthusiasm. People were inspired, delighted”. (Linda Aspey, Chair BACP Coaching)

Yes, it was one of those days! Stunning presentations from Nancy Kline and Paul Brown (at last, a presentation on neuroscience which we could all understand and enjoy!), were the highlights of conference. Miriam and I were delighted to present a session looking at how the fields of clinical and coaching supervision were both similar and different. A great start for BACP Coaching!

Article from IONS – by Rick Hanson on Self-Directed Neuroplasticity

As we mentioned in the write up of the BAPC conference , Paul Brown did a wonderful presentation on neuroscience.  Unfortunately we don’t have any articles by Paul which we could share with you. However, there is some great writing on the subject on the IONS website, and we thought you might be interested in reading  the following article by Rick Hanson, on Self-Directed Neuroplasticity.

By the way, if you’re not familiar with IONS website – do check it out.

“Ed. Note: In the following dialogue, excerpted and edited from the Institute of Noetic Sciences’ teleseminar series “Exploring the Noetic Sciences.” IONS Director of Research Cassandra Vieten talks with neuropsychologist and meditation teacher Rick Hanson, author with neurologist Richard Mendius, MD, of Buddha’s Brain: The Practical Neuroscience of Happiness, Love, and Wisdom. Rick will be speaking at the upcoming IONS International Conference taking place this July in San Francisco.

Vieten: What exactly is contemplative neuroscience?

Hanson: Broadly defined, it’s the study of what happens in the brain when people are doing contemplative practices, how the brain changes with such practices.

Although the word contemplative sounds fancy, everyone has been contemplative – you know, looking up at the stars, going to the ocean and getting a sense of the enormity of it all, or looking into your baby’s eyes and thinking, Holy Moly, how did I get you and how did you get me? All of that is contemplative. In addition to that, all the major religions have formal contemplative practices. But people can engage in contemplative activity without framing it in terms of a relationship with God or something like that.”    Read More

NEW BOOK: ‘A Pause for Breath’ – Bringing the Practices of Mindfulness and Dialogue to Leadership Conversations, by CSA Graduate, Amanda Ridings.

CSA is delighted to announce the publication of a splendid addition to our growing knowledge about how we are, in conversation. This detailed anatomy of dialogue, will benefit all coaches, mentors and supervisors. We will be adding this book to our required reading list for the CSA Supervision Diploma – it’s that good! If you’d like to read an excerpt, the link is:

The book is available through Amazon, through or by placing an order in your favourite bookshop.

NEW ARTICLE – free! – from CSA graduate, Keri Phillips: Coaching the Shadow and the Transition Curve. This is the latest in a series of excellent, thoughtful and informative articles from Keri. just to wet your appetite – click here for a short excerpt from the introduction.  If you’d like a copy, just email Keri at:

CSA’s ICF Approved Diploma in Coaching Supervision – now over half-full. Starting in October. See website for full details or email: if you’d like to apply for this well established training.
Here are some testimonials from our June graduates:

” prepare to be astonished…….enriching, empowering….the CSA faculty take real responsibility for providing and supporting robust and sustainable learning for practitioners… and many-layered learning…rigorous approach…supportive staff…a wonderful privilege…….”

NEW CSA workshop – “Presence Under Pressure” – watch this space!

CSA has created a new workshop designed with resilience in mind. Already some of our graduates have experienced the power and depth of this workshop, which has been specifically designed to support individual coaches to be resilient and clear-headed, no matter what pressure they come across.

We will be taking this workshop ‘up north’ in November – full details of venue and dates will be published shortly. This one-day workshop will have personal impact as well as theoretical input. If you would like to be notified of the PUP programme, please email :

NEW Coaching Supervision Groups

Miriam Orriss – telephone supervision group starting October. Full details on CSA website.

Edna Murdoch – Brighton coaching supervision group starting in September see CSA website. Venue, 1 minute from Brighton station.

Karyn Prentice – Central London Face-to-face, Supervision Group- FLEET STREET starting in September, for a lunch -time group once a month.
Please contact Karyn Prentice if you would like more information.

WILD COACHES . Coaches in the Park are moving to a bigger playing field – meet us there, as the poet Rumi says. Kew Gardens, Saturday 24 September 11 -4pm £40 (not including entrance to the Park)

With the background of this wonderful garden we will be offering a wide range of activities inspired by Nature, the changing seasons and the connection to our sense of vision, purpose and insight. Mindfulness, presensing, walking and creativity tools for you and your clients! For more information contact either Karyn Prentice ( or Ian Mackenzie. ( Ten places, maximum.

NEW: Creative Supervision Workshop, London – using creativity in coaching supervision – Alison Hodge. For full details, please see