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CSA’s Leadership super-Vision™

2014.06.12 CSA super-Vision for Leaders and People Professionals Website Design v1.2Definition: What is super-Vision for Leaders and People Professionals?

CSA’s super-Vision™ creates the reflective spaces, safe relationships and the courageous conversations which enable leaders and their teams to discover new ways of seeing. This in turn frees them to come home to their unique selves and to their best thinking in order to lead with clarity, courage, compassion and wisdom for the good of all because “WHO you are” is “HOW you lead and work”™.

CSA’s super-Vision™ works by going to the essence of what it means to be a leader or people professional by focusing on the relationships which leaders create through the conversations they hold minute by minute, person by person every day.

Leaders report the freedom and relief of having the space to pause to make sense of all that is happening. They report their surprise and delight how from this spaciousness new perspectives, new meaning and new directions naturally emerge and become apparent. They report that they leave feeling renewed, empowered and focused for action.