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Our Philosophy

At CSA, we believe that “WHO you are” or “WHO your team is” is “HOW you lead”. It is this relationship which ultimately determines your impact and success.

This is because when everything has been stripped away, leading is all about the quality of the many different relationships which leaders and people professionals create THROUGH the conversations they hold.


CSA’s super-Vision focuses on these core relational and conversational processes, which sit at the heart of what it means to be a leader. This is because a person’s leadership is expressed in three core sets of relationships. These are: a leader’s relationship with themselves; a leader’s relationship with others; and a leader’s relationship with the world. And these relationships are always work in progress and shaped in and through each and every conversation

But the essence of being a successful leader and the act of leading starts with a leader’s relationship with themselves because the self is always present. This means that in order to relate and connect to others the leader but first relate and connect to themselves.

Learning to lead is therefore a radical act of first leading self; and it is only when leaders step into their own potential and become all of “WHO they are” can they authentically enable others to do the same.