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Our Process

mirrorCSA’s super-Vision™ is the process where skilled super-Visors create the spacious reflective thinking environments and trusted relationships where leaders and people professionals are freed to inquire courageously and deeply into their work and be open to what is hidden and emerging.

super-Vision™ enables leaders and people professionals to explore the lonely but powerfully important questions necessary to anchor their work in the real world. These are questions, which sit at the heart of leadership, relationship, connection and ultimately delivery. Typically these include:

  • “Where is my/our business or practice going?”;
  • “Why is everyone pointing in different directions?”;
  • “Why is nothing I/we do working?”
  • “Why do I/we feel lost?” and;
  • “Who am I/we in all of this?”

It is through CSA’s unique integration of core relational, conversational and thinking processes that leaders, people professionals and their teams discover their own creativity, inspiration, resourcefulness.

They also begin to:

  • stop rushing or force fitting hasty solutions which do not address the core issues;
  • see and make sense of all that is happening around them;
  • discover new perspectives;
  • create new meaning from which new directions can naturally arise

As Owen (2000) writes in her book “In Search of Leaders”:

“People cannot be molded to be the same. Becoming a leader is an individual process and fundamental to the process is ‘learning’… not just through training alone… but through personal experience and learning from that experience. When learning from experience occurs, it involves looking inwards at who we are. It means a deep awareness of who we are and the sort of human being we want to become. Once we know this, it can be expressed in our relationships and actions at work”.