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CSA’s Director: Leadership and People Professionals

Elaine Patterson

Elaine Patterson

Elaine Patterson is CSA’s Director for Leadership and People Professionals; her role is to champion CSA’s unique approach to super-Vision to help leaders everywhere lead, work and live successfully with clarity, courage, compassion and wisdom.

Elaine specializes in helping leaders become all of who they are in their work – because “WHO you are” directly shapes “HOW you lead and work with others”, your impact, your results and your reputation.

Elaine is an Accredited CSA Supervisor and an EMCC and AC Accredited Master Executive Coach. Elaine draws on her own extensive leadership experience, her rich professional development and original research to bring out people’s natural creativity, humanity, and wisdom to liberate thinking, free potential and give meaning to work.

Elaine’s purpose is to bring the energizing and creative powers of courageous conversations and reflective learning to the world of work in service of both personal fulfillment and business success.

Elaine can be contacted on +(44) 7990 612646 or email her at