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“Embodying Supervision” With Monica Ross on Monday 27th November 2017 9am to 5pm at 46 New Broad Street EC2M 1JH

“What the body knows is a mystery to the mind, once seen and heard, the truth is undeniable, there is no going back to old beliefs and patterns, this wisdom unleashes new possibilities and creates shifts in the whole system”. 

Monica Ross

About the Day

In our roles as Supervisors, Coaches, Facilitators, we recognise how valuable it is to be able to access and work with our somatic awareness.  By paying attention to nuances of sensation in our own body, noticing the minute shifts and subtle somatic cues we glimpse in our supervisees and clients, we can build our capacity to capture and offer these as a source of exploration in service to deeper learning.

But what if we could gain even deeper insights and discover new resources for our own growth and our clients? By working with our body as an embodied voice of the system, we can see, feel and experience what is just out of reach of our mind.

In this workshop, using somatic exercises where the body becomes a” training simulator”, we will experience and explore some of the key aspects of the Supervision relationship and gain valuable insights about some of the challenges that we can meet in our work.  Drawing on and adapting some of the wisdom from the field of Leadership Embodiment to Supervision, we can discover at an embodied level, which then impacts on our cognitive and emotional responses.

  • Identity as Supervisor – Embodying your Inner Supervisor
  • Shaping the Relationship – building partnership
  • Working with disengagement, resistance and sudden endings,
  • Working respectfully and skilfully with, blind spots and challenging moments in supervision.
  • Gaining insight and resourcefulness around our own reactive patterns and those of our supervisees

About Monica Ross

Who I am…

Creating the Container for Good Work

I have been called the “Soul Whisperer” – similar to the Buddhist concept of a Dharma name, this has become for me a call to action. It informs everything in my work and in my life. My intention is to come from a place of emptiness, humility, connection to and respect for everything and everyone. It is about listening deeply with what I call my “third ear” so that I can witness what is present beneath the story and to support what is waiting to emerge. I live by the sea on the Southern Coast of Ireland and I am strongly inspired and influenced by the sea as a container and as a powerful force.

I believe that as Supervisors and Coaches, we are “the instrument” and as such self-care and sustainability are vital.

Presence – Somatic Awareness, Energy Management, Emotional Intelligence, Mindfulness

I have been aware of my kinaesthetic capacity all of my life.  In addition to this, my extensive training in energetic modalities, Embodied Leadership and intuitive practices, inform much of my work.   As a facilitator my invitation is to come into presence with yourself, and each other in this exploratory workshop.  Using breath, posture and an agreement to share our insights, somatic cues and emotions allows us to build a powerful container to do good work together. I invite you to befriend your body, to recognise it as the resource it is and to access the wisdom not only from your cognitive intelligence but the voices of your heart and gut.  I am the “empty flute” working through metaphor, images and the somatic sensations that arise in me during our work together and I offer them to you without attachment so that you can hear, feel and see your own truth.

Language Awareness and Self-Compassion

My background before becoming a coach was providing language and communication training to corporates – French, Italian and Spanish.  This creates a keen awareness in me of the language used by my clients – the quality of their self-talk and how easily they hypnotise themselves with repetitive story. With respectful humour and lightness, I will invite you to bring in self-compassion when you are being harsh with yourself or others and in the language of Dialogue practice, to “bystand” yourself  – in other words to stand alongside yourself and to smile kindly at yourself as you recognise the contrast between how you are and how you want to be.

Professional Contribution & Current Portfolio

I am a former Co-President of the ICF Chapter in Ireland. I continue to contribute by supporting the Board and current President when required.   I am a member of the CSA Faculty contributing to the programmes in France, and the US as Assessor; as well as approved Supervisor on the UK, AP and French programmes.  My supervision client base is international including senior internal Executive coaches in public and private organizations, External Executive Coaches at MCC and PCC level; associates of larger coaching organizations, and independent facilitators and consultants.  I provide virtual and face to face supervision to individuals and groups.   My coaching clients include leaders in multinational organizations, entrepreneurs and leaders in the University and educational sectors.

Monica Ross

Tel: 00 353 21 477 3688

Mbl: 00 353 87 227 4300

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