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“Falling in Love with Reflection” EMCC 2017 Edinburgh Conference Paper Presented by Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice

The inspiration for our Conference Workshop came from Parker J. Palmer when he wrote:

“Our lives (as people practitioners) both deserve and demand reflection. We demand reflection because we must know what it is in our hearts, lest we do more harm than good. We deserve reflection because it is often challenging to sustain the heart in work. If you decide to live an unexamined life please do not take a job that involves other people”

In our session we explored how reflection brings us home to ourselves and our finest thinking.

We explored how reflection can support the promise, disciplines and practices for inner transformation so that time and time again they help us to honor or recommit to our vows.

Reflection helps us to get beyond just tools and techniques to explore WHO we are and WHO we are becoming as we work.

We are delighted to attach our Conference paper in which we inspired workshop participants to explore their

  • Own love affair with reflection – or to rekindle an old spark!
  • Discover or re-discover why reflection is foundational ethical, inspired and creative practice
  • Understand what works for you and add to it
  • Come away inspired with an action plan to ignite your love affair!

2017.02.21 EMCC Conference Paper Falling In Love With Reflection Elaine Patterson And Karyn Prentice FINAL

We also invite you to our Webinar on Zoom at 8.00am BST on Monday 9th October 2017 to explore your thinking further.

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