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Follow up to CSA presenting to London Coaching Group

In October’s newsletter Lynne Cooper wrote about the group of accredited CSA Supervisors who hosted a very successful event, a Coaching Supervision Fishbowl with the London Coaching Group. During the evening a prize draw was held and the winners had the opportunity to have a free Coaching Supervision taster session. These sessions have proved to be a really effective means for Coaches to fully experience Supervision. Here are what two of the winners had to say after their complimentary Coaching Supervision taster session

Having had coaching supervision explained to me and, more importantly, experienced it for myself I can absolutely see the need for it. During the session I was able to talk through a particular challenge I was facing with some of my clients and through a mix of direct questioning, which allowed me to think things through for myself, and by Anne (Pink) sharing relevant information and experience, I was able to go away with a clear idea of what my next step was, and some good suggestions to help that process. I would recommend that all coaches, especially those who are just starting out, start having some form of supervision for their own continuing professional development. Kind regards Cheryl King Personal Development Coach

I found Neil’s (Williams) coaching supervision style insightful and perceptive. After some initial scepticism about the need for supervision, I now consider it a vital part of the coaching toolkit in terms of keeping fresh and aware in my coaching practice’ Julie Hall Templetree Consulting

Of course it isn’t a surprise to those of us who are already converts to supervision but isn’t it wonderful to know that the time spent by the CSA coaches with the London Coaching group has helped spread the message further.

Anne Pink