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ICF Approved Coach Supervision Training

Are you a highly qualified and skilled coach and want to train to be a coach supervisor?

Are you looking for an established, ICF approved course that can deliver the goods?

This rigorous, ICF Approved, 9-month  programme is now in it’s 7th successful year. The course is supported by a superb team of 15 tutors and trainers – all experienced Executive coaches and highly trained and experienced coaching supervisors!

What distinguishes this course is that in addition to a thorough training in classic supervision models, students will be trained in CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of Coaching Supervision. The Full Spectrum Model incorporates Hawkins & Smith’s 7-eyed model of Coaching Supervision together with core teaching and practice on the Use of Self in Supervision. It incorporates multi-dimensional Presence work which utilizes the seminal ideas of Sharmer/Senge et al (U Theory), working with subtle energies, Mindfulness, and key principles from Quantum Physics and Neuroscience – it is a living, relational perspective. There is teaching on Coaching Psychology and on Systemic thinking in Organisations. This broad range ensures that the course is both challenging and holistic. Personal Development for Coach Supervisors is foundational and attention is paid to bringing mature reflective practitioners to the profession of Coaching Supervision. 
Our students and graduates give some insight in to the transformative nature of this tried and tested course:

In many ways it was a wonderful journey of discovery and surprises!  Bryan Emden  Executive Coach

The rigorous nature of all the course elements was a strong point for me – ie the assessments, practice in trios, number of supervisees and the written work.  Staying with one group of brilliant coaches is also a wonderful experience.  Julia Menaul.  Executive Coach

A superb course which is structured to really embed the skills to become a supervisor.  Run by compassionate, rigorous, and skilled tutors.  Wendy Oliver  Executive Coach

 As well as developing my ability to work well as a coach supervisor, I have developed personally at a depth I was not expecting. Thank you for this great opportunity.  Claire Hack  Executive Coach

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