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Insight Film Series Now Available


Coaching Supervision Academy Insight Film Series

Edited by Edna Murdoch, Co-Founder and Chief Executive of the Coaching Supervision Academy


In our busy globalised world, the challenges for professionals are increasing everywhere. Coaches, mentors and leaders have to step up, stretch and be at the top of our game to meet the demands of our 21st century VUCA world -volatile, uncertain, complex, ambiguous. Coach supervisors are well placed to understand the environments we all work in and which challenges currently face us most often. In this unique set of videos, experienced coach supervisors bring you the benefits of years of conversations with a wide range of professional and business people from across the world.

In each of these 15-minute videos, you will:

  • Encounter their honest reflections on their work with coaches and leaders.
  • Recognise the potency of supervision
  • Learn about what actually happens in supervision
  • Know the core dilemmas that practitioners worldwide, bring to supervision.
  • Learn about key resolutions necessary in successful business and professional life.
  • Benefit from original insights garnered from years of experience and deep conversations with clients.
  • Benefit from many practical tools and tips.

These videos are carefully targeted to cover key aspects of professional and business life for coaches, and other people professionals, who are immersed in 21st century organisational life.  They will support coaches, mentors, leaders, educators and HR & OD practitioners to be more skilful, more aware and to ensure best practice in many contexts.

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Insight 01: Edna Murdoch

Registering and Resolving Systemic Impact.

What exactly do we notice when we are knocked off centre? How do we regain our balance when a client or team disables our thinking and our skills? Or when the energy in an organisation gets too oppressive?? Or when we are weakened in that vital contracting conversation? Coaches and leaders across the world face these dilemmas. Hear a radical new focus, which ensures resolution - and ensures that vital information about the system is not lost. Tips and tools for the viewer!

Insight 02: Claire Genkai Breeze

Coaching Today: From A Vintage to A Contemporary Practice.

A thirty year-old car is no longer fit for purpose as a means of transportation, even if we effectively call it vintage. Isn't it possible, asks Claire, that coaching itself needs to go through a reformation to create practices and approaches fit for the way we work today? The supervision challenge is to help coaches turn a vintage practice into a contemporary one.

Join Claire as she reflects on 30 years of coaching. These powerful insights from an original thinker will challenge you to acquire top-level personal and professional skills, fit for 21st century coaching.

Insight 03: Jackie Arnold

The Challenges facing coaches who are working with Remote and Culturally Diverse Clients & Teams.

In this video, Jackie Arnold provides many tools, tips and resources for leaders who struggle with transitioning from their role as leader to their role as coach. She focuses on how leaders can create robust professional relationships particularly when differences in language skills and feelings of disconnection may be exaggerated by distance and by video-conferencing.

Clean Language enables leaders and coaches to work successfully with diverse groups where jargon, different world-views and the nuances of language all play a part in team and group functioning. Jackie shows how to use key Clean Language questions. Powerful tools such as working with images, with metaphor and with the Magic Box are explored in this very practical video.

Insight 04: Elaine Patterson

Reflection and Reflective Practice: From Designer Luxury to the Essential Must Have.

This video shows how reflection is essential to free us as practitioners to become more creative, more courageous, more present, and more conscious as we work with our clients who are working on the frontline of today’s personal, ecological, technological, global, organisational and societal seismic shifts.

The video answers the "why bother?" question, as well as offering practical hints and tips about how we can all create the conditions to develop our own reflective practice to feed, nourish and sustain ourselves for the long haul. Elaine uses key findings from her original research, " Reflect to Create!"

Insight 05: Dr. Alison Hodge

Being Fit for Purpose.

The recurring theme that emerges with Alison’s clients in supervision is how demanding and challenging coaching can be for the coach, particularly those working in complex organisational systems.     

So how does supervision support coaches to keep fit for purpose?   Based on the findings from her doctoral research, Alison offers a new model - The Three Pillars of Supervision - that contributes to this process: the supervision relationship, an understanding of adult learning theory and an appreciation of reflective practice.  Once these pillars are established, the coach and supervisor engage in generative dialogue in which the coach is able to explore all aspects of their work that in turn enables them to flourish and grow.

Insight 06: Miriam Orriss

Transactional Analysis and the Karpman Drama Triangle.

Miriam Orriss has supervised using the TA lens, for many years; her take on TA is original and powerful. In this video, she shares some of her most important insights.  Here, you will gain a unique understanding of Transactional Analysis – and of the Karpman Drama Triangle (KDT) in particular.

Miriam uses the KDT to mirror and amplify the client’s picture of their world and to show unconscious factors at play in the boardroom  - and beyond! In this video, Miriam highlights new information about overcoming script decisions, and supplies the missing link that enables coaches and leaders to unravel repeated patterns of behaviour that block successful professional and business outcomes.