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“Look Within” A Poem by Maria Iliffe-Wood

2015.06.09 Journal Writing

Most mornings writes Maria I take some time to write as a means of looking within myself, to connect with my inner wisdom. I find that the act of writing each day brings forth insights of varying degrees, from amazing to just plain ordinary but somehow profound. I never plan what I am going to write I just see what emerges.

On this particular morning I didn’t have much time, I can’t remember exactly how long. I just remember thinking if I’m going to
write today it needs to be really quick. So I started with a few lines and within minutes a whole poem had emerged. When I read it back to myself it really spoke to me. I hope you like it.

Everything is within us

Never with – out

We think it’s outside

But without a doubt

Everything we need

All that we seek

When we look inside

All it takes is a peek.

When we look within us

Instead of outside

Everything changes

With so much ease

The answers are there

They were there all along

We just didn’t notice

We were looking all wrong.

The answers are inside

Never out there

All it takes is some quiet

And to know where to look

Forget the outside

That’s just a false hook

Take your eyes to the inside

And Oh …. what luck!

Take your eyes to the inside

See what thoughts arise

For there are the thoughts that are intrinsically wise

You might not believe

But believe me it’s true

The depth of the wisdom

That lies within you

We are blessed with this wisdom

And it always lies there

Just ready and waiting

For you when you care

To look for the wisdom

That will guide you to where

You are happy and healthy, calm and relaxed

The best place to be when the world around you is not.

Contact details: Maria Iliffe-Wood, Executive and Leadership Team Coach, Coach Supervisor and author of Coaching Presence, building consciousness and awareness into coaching interventions. email: