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MakeSense — writing your way to clarity

MakeSense — writing your way to clarity.

After submitting my learning log for CSA supervisor re-accreditation last year, I realised that it was time to change my haphazard way of recording my learning.  I’m not a natural writer and though reflection is an important part of my practice, physically writing in a journal is not my first preference.

A chance conversation with a colleague offered a difference possibility, an e-journal. She had signed up to a proprietary e-journal coaching platform and was keen to share.  We began experimenting together.  We each wrote a private journal saving it in the ‘only for me’ area, (only I could read my journal, Emer her’s) while sharing reflections on our learning, weekly, by saving to the ‘with my colleague’ area.

I knew the universe was telling me to pursue journaling when I attended Jackee Holder’s ( CSA workshop on using creative writing as a way in to reflecting on our coaching.  I came away feeling inspired to try different writing prompts and a reassurance that 7 minutes writing was enough! My attitude to writing was changing.

What I like about my e journal is that I can login to it from my phone, i-pad or desktop, when I have some space to think, where ever I happen to be.  Strangely, after three months of experimenting with this, I find I am making the space and time to explore my practice, my issues and my ideas in ways that I didn’t when I thought that paper was the only option. Also, what is also really helpful, as this year’s log looms, all my reflections on my work with clients and my own supervision are in one place!

Pioneering research into the links between writing and health re-inforce the benefits.  James Pennebaker,  Professor of Psychology at the University of Texas, has shown that writing, uncensored, about your experience of a traumatic event resulted in ‘improved moods, a more positive outlook and greater physical health’.  Building upon this, Neuro Science research tells us that the brain’s neural pathways can be changed.  New thoughts create new neural pathways, encouraging new habits and new results. Writing changes the way you think.

Why not give e-journaling a try?

Like my Emer, I have customized the e-journal portal creating ‘MakeSense – writing your way to clarity.’

Contact me:  for more information and an invitation to join MakeSense, your FREE on-line journal.

Next time, I will tell you how I use MakeSense with my clients and how we could create an on-line reflective practice community through the MakeSense portal.

Anne-Marie Shawe, CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor

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