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As promised in my last blog, a glimpse inside our new book!  Here is an excerpt from ‘Full Spectrum Supervision’.  One of the chapters, ‘Mindfulness and Presence in Supervision’ by Ian MacKenzie, looks in great detail at both mindfulness and presence and distinguishes between them.
Here are  some quotes, resources and comment  on presence  from Ian’s superb chapter :

 “Presence is a state of awareness, in the moment, characterised by the felt experience of timelessness, connectedness and a larger truth.”  Doug Silsbee, Presence Based Coaching p.21 (Silsbee 2008)

 “Ability to be fully conscious and create spontaneous relationship with the client” International Coach Federation Competencies B4

 “…a deep listening, of being beyond one’s preconceptions and historical ways of making sense” Peter Senge, Presence  (Senge, Scharmer, Jaworski and Flowers 2005)

 “Presence is an alive and freeing state of generous, compassionate and mindful awareness in our being – which is felt and experienced – in the here and now in the relationship with another; and which opens our hearts minds and bodies to a wider reality and a joyful field of connectedness, possibility and potential” Elaine Patterson, ……. p. 120 (Patterson 2011) 


Ian comments   ‘This state is natural and flowing. There is no sense of technique or effort. Thoughts and feelings arise in a relaxed spaciousness, like clouds in a clear blue sky.  Intuitive insights, connections and themes emerge. There is a feeling of being grounded, secure and at ease. Distracting emotions and thoughts either disappear or are experienced as unobtrusive, low level background noise. There is an increasing sense of unity between the Self, other and environment……Another way of describing this emergent wisdom, to echo Otto Scharmer, is the transferring of the centre of gravity from the self, with its anxieties, preferences and defences, to the Self, with its wide sense of interconnection and interdependence’.   (

Edna Murdoch  September  2013
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