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CSA’s approach centres on creating a lively professional partnership with coaches, one in which they can significantly develop their range and capabilities as a coach and can return to their work, resourced and stimulated.

Ethics and Standards

It is essential that supervision enables coaches to become ethically mature, capable of negotiating the often complex conversations in which coaches work. Through supervisory focus and input, coaches become more aware of how to show up in conversations with sponsors, stakeholders and coachees. Coaches in supervision value the space for reflections on how to maintain a high standard in their work and how to ensure that they are abiding by the ethical contracts of their professional bodies and the expectations of commissioning organisations.


Establishing workable coaching contracts is a key piece in ensuring a safe, practical container for coaching assignments. Supervision supports coaches to establish contracts that are thoroughly thought through and can be revised when necessary. Many coaches miss the importance of these conversations with sponsors and coachees.

Building the Internal Supervisor

CSA’s approach utilises the concept of the Internal Supervisor. This powerfully supports coaches to access new, more reflective ways of working and gaining a truer understanding of their clients.

But what is the Internal Supervisor?

The term was coined by Patrick Casement to describe perspectives and skills that are available to a capable practitioner as they work with clients. In essence, the practitioner will be tuned to the entire range of their body/mind information during each coaching moment; they can then respond to what they ‘pick up’ from their intuition, body and intellect.

And they will know how to use this splendid range of information in an instant, so that interventions are genuinely laser-like and perfectly timed. With a well-developed Internal Supervisor, comes a major increase in Coaching Presence and powerful, impactful coaching.

How do you access your Internal Supervisor?

Coaching Supervision greatly accelerates the development of the Internal Supervisor by working directly with the coaches’ internal system: intuition, body responses, hunches, awareness of energetic exchange between client and coach.

By paying attention to these and to how the coach uses them or might use them in their work, a coach begins to have much greater access to subtle aspects of their own system and of the coaching process – where the main insights and shifts often occur.

Take your coaching to a new level…

A well-developed Internal Supervisor ensures that coaching is no longer merely task focused, but becomes more reflective. As a coach, you become alive to all parts of the dance.

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Listening becomes much more than hearing words/stories/goals – it also becomes diffuse, allowing the coach to listen at several levels simultaneously, to see patterns in the material presented by the client and to be both engaged in the coaching dialogue and also observing the process as it unfolds.

Gain new professional awareness

Through Coaching Supervision, coaches build their Internal Supervisor, by repeated attention to internal processes and by learning through games such as the very practical Body/Feelings/Mind exercise.

This is an imaginative and thoughtful tool that quickly enables the coach to make real strides in Personal/Professional Awareness and gifts them a truer understanding of their clients. This range of information about the coaching situation becomes available to the analytical/processing mind that in turn decides interventions and strategies.

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