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Personal Supervisor

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Regular, ongoing coaching supervision is a great way to develop and sustain coaching competence. As well as dealing with issues and challenges as they occur, coaches learn more about themselves and discover new skills, realising their individual potential.

Supervision can be used to encourage the development of specific skills, to explore all that goes on at the interface between coach and client and to give support in respect of recurring or unexpected client material.

You will have ample time to reflect on all aspects of your work and get insightful support.

  • Corporate costs: £250 per hour, 30 rata.
  • Independents: by negotiation.

Please note, we hold all client material in strictest confidence, and abide by both the AC and the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct in all our work.

Call us now on 01323 897 344 to find out more. Alternatively, please use the contact form and we’ll soon be in touch.

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