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What is Executive Reflection?

What is it?

CSA’s Executive Reflection is a powerful learning methodology for deep creative, reflective and purposeful inquiry into work, in order to support the work. Its focus is to support the development of nuanced insights, subtle reflections, and practical skills, capacities and capabilities in each practitioner.  These capacities are necessary to creatively shape the complex, multi layered and multi-dimensional relational, psychological, systemic and strategic dynamics, which are always present in any person, relationship, team or system. Use of self is put at the heart of the inquiry because “WHO you are is HOW you lead and work”. (Click here to find our Article more/ link to ‘WHO you are is HOW you coach, supervise and work”).

How does it work?

CSA’s Leadership Supervisors walk and work alongside their clients in trusted relationships to create uniquely reflective conversational spaces for inquiry. Supervisors act as witness, learning facilitators, guides and companions working safely and ethically with creative curiosity and unconditional acceptance in service of the client’s inquiry. This relationship and its spaciousness allow new insights, learning, development, and resourcing to emerge naturally; and which are the pre-requisites for effective action. (Click here to find one of our internationally accredited leadership supervisors).

What is its Value?

CSA’s Executive Reflection works because it looks at the whole person in the whole context of their work and lives.  Clients report the relief, the freedom, the surprise and the delight when they give themselves permission to pause and make sense of all that is happening within them and around them. New ways of thinking, relating, talking and doing are unlocked. Clients find that they are helped to become uniquely themselves, whilst living and working wholeheartedly, purposefully and creatively doing work that they love. Clients find a renewed connection to themselves, with others, with their work and with the wider communities which they serve; and to BE the change that they want to see in world. (Click here to read what our clients say / link to testimonials) Click here to read our Blog on some of our Case Studies (link to Blog section)