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Case studies

“WHO you are is HOW you lead”™

A client came to super-Vision besieged by conflicting messages and imperatives about how she could be all of who she was and true to herself whilst running a successful business. super-Vision gave her the safe space to confront her long held assumptions and find the courage to step into her full potential to lead and inspire others whilst also being true to herself.

She reported:

  • My super-Visor has shown a great deal of flexibility bringing support and challenge to conversations that have ranged over the most difficult and sensitive issues in my relationships, decisions about priorities for my own personal development and core issues about what ultimately brings me fulfillment in my life and work

    Business Leader

A BIGGER Picture: Leadership Cafes

A group of six leaders met quarterly to build knowledge, insight and perspective. The group was facilitated by a CSA super-Visor.

As one participant said:

  • I have really valued this reflective space; and realized that I did not have not have any other space in my work to explore key questions which are central to my role. I have also really valued working with this group of very reflective professionals who were keen to explore questions .. And explore alternative ways of looking at problems… to be exposed to fresh thinking….I notice that I am also not now so overwhelmed by my agenda….and I have also realized that my organization was not such a backwater as first seemed!

    Senior Leader


A group of highly talented individuals needed to come together as a team. The team was perceived by the rest of the organization as inward looking and self-serving failing to deliver on its core purpose and business.

A process of dynamic inquiry with each team member was conducted to fully understand the underlying patterns and assumptions which seemed to be dictate team behavior before a team workshop was held to focus on the “must do’s” to deliver today whilst daring to create the future.

As one participant said:

  • We had just been focusing on our job and our role without bothering to get to know each other or see the bigger picture. TeamWorkS challenged us to stop being so narrow and gave us the insights and tools to change the way we talked, thought and worked together to remove the obstacles which had dimmed our impact and had stood in the way of our development

    UK National Charity HQ

Leadership Development Programme

In the wake of a public scandal a bespoke nine month leadership development programme is now in its sixth cohort.

The first half focuses on “Leading from the Inside Out” understanding how who we are shapes how we lead and the impact we are having in the world. The 2nd half focuses “Leading from the Outside In” understanding how leaders and their teams can navigate the imperatives of the outside world to deliver both the day and day whilst daring to create the future.

The programme is a mix of 1:1 coaching using 360s and other psychometric assessments, provocative one day seminars, small group action learning sets and specialist master classes. Sustainability is secured as leaders are now being trained to become internal coach super-Visors able to run the small group action learning sets using a variation of the “Leader as super-Visor” training development programme.

As one participant said:

  • When I came to the programme I was feeling very bogged down; I still have a lot of questions both personally and professionally but I feel that I am better able to navigate my way through the system. I am aware that I am more valuing of questions… and I now realise that the road is not straight… but I can now navigate through the questions and contribute more to my team, organisation and system. I am really concerned about how I can replicate this learning opportunity which actually feels like a luxury but is actually essential… it save time and it feels like a falsification economy not to do it….
    I also realise that if you are feeling lost yourself it is very difficult to lead. That you have to be clear and have a sense of who you are as a leader, try to do things the “right” way and do it with integrity and clarity to ultimately help the organisation to achieve it’s mission and purpose.

    Executive Director