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“WHO you are is HOW you talk”….. Introducing a Conversational Map for Creative Conversations by Elaine Patterson

…transforming conversations to transform work….

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This article introduces the strategic argument for making Creative Conversations mainstream as the necessary response to innovate our way out of today’s pressing economic, social, cultural and technological challenges.

This article crystallizes CSA’s insights and expertise in this field with presentation of CSA’s Conversational Map™ for inviting and hosting Creative Conversations. The Map is informed both by practice observations and the latest theoretical thinking. It offers a “How To…” walk through the process, which is then illustrated with two case studies.

Background and Strategic Context

The conversation IS the relationship. How we are BEING in our conversations shapes and defines our relationships; and ultimately determines our impact and success.

Talking is natural; so natural in fact, that we can often forget that the ability to host powerful productive, energizing and transformative conversations is a leader’s most potent tool in their tool kit; it lights up imagination and possibility and gets the job done. “WHO you are is HOW you talk” determines “HOW you lead and work”™.

But hosting conversations of this quality is simple, but not easy. It is, however, within the reach of all of us. We can all learn how to relate, think, talk, learn and create differently. In our busy, frantic, hyper-connected world, we are in danger of missing the power of true human connection, which comes through spacious conversations with other human beings. It is at the heart of our humanity and is what helps us to be potent in our work, our relationships, and our place in the world.

Organizations waste millions of pounds in unconstructive talk and unproductive meetings every day. This paper shows how talk can be transformed to engage, to inspire, to empower, and to create.

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Thought Piece WHO you are is HOW You Talk January 2015