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Grandmother wisdom…….


Dede is a student on CSA’s, US supervision program; she is also a grandmother.

A Transformation in My Thinking:

I can consider myself a novice in training with respected elders, medicine women, shaman, healers and grandmothers to join with the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers in healing the world as it is and helping lead others into our most positive emerging future.  As crones and respected kapuna (elders) in our tribes, we offer ourselves through ritual and mindfulness on the playing field of human experience, in order to heal hearts and unleash courage as we transform ourselves and co-create our planet’s future.  I felt called to this path instantly and completely and I know not where it leads.

I can now conceptualize the supervision sessions as offerings to the Great Spirit that open a sacred space, have a ritual of contracting and I can then offer a Pule of appreciation for this opportunity to learn together.

Our mindful, supervision conversation can be the opportunity for being  alert, shape shifting, visioning, healing, supporting, and being a conduit of hopefulness and humor.  Then comes wrapping up sessions gently to close down that space with another ritual Pule of thanks and agreement for the next encounter.

This perspective seems to be the way for me to see my aging feminine body as integral to my spiritual growth at this time and my own opportunity to Grandmother the World with myself as the offering.  Doing nothing different in behavior according to CSA protocol, the act of supervision itself, takes on new meaning and importance to me and I can leave behind the struggle of cultural gaps and expectations.   It has become irrelevant.  The calling is greater than that for me.

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