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The History Of Creative Writing For Reflective & Transformational Supervision Master Class

The History Of Creative Writing For Reflective & Transformational Supervision Master Class

Jackee Holder 

Saturday 26th October 2013

In April of this year I facilitated a half-day workshop for coach supervisors as part of the Coaching Supervision Academy Community along with a workshop for the BACP Coaching division as part of the monthly network development sessions. The half day CPD day and network session both received excellent reviews and feedback and I was encouraged to run the day again this time as a Master class.

What makes this a Master class?

I have been a student of the creative writing and the writing process for over thirty years. I have devoured over 300 books on the creative writing process (some I have re-read several times over the years), emptied and expanded myself and my interior process on the pages of over a 150 journals and notebooks and attended too many writing retreats and downloaded too many e-courses than I can actively recall.

Alongside this I have been facilitating and leading writing workshops and retreat for the last twenty or more years. These have been my secret passion and love and where I believe my work and purpose truly comes to life. To support my work in this area I have written many delightful workbooks to support the workshops and retreats, which I knew one day would become a book or lead to a series of books.

This all came together last year when I was commissioned by Step Beach Publishers to author a book 49 Ways To Write Yourself Well: The Science and Wisdom Of Writing and Journaling as part of an exciting series of 49 Ways books for well-being. I jumped at the opportunity turning much of the knowledge, experience and wisdom I had gained over the years into a really neat book that creatively explores the research that confirms the therapeutic benefits of writing and journaling and expressive writing.

I knew that I wanted to share how my own personal experience of journaling, keeping notebooks and expressive writing had deeply impacted and informed my work as a coach, coach trainer and recently accreditation as a coach supervisor and how it has contributed to my reflective practice and my passion for writing. But the rewards of writing have been significantly greater and have made a huge and significant difference over the years to who I am as a human being on both a soul and spirit level.

In return a regular writing and reflective practice has contributed significantly to: 

  • My career development and the growth of my business and my work as a coach and coach trainer
  • Has impacted significantly on the quality of my presence in both the contexts of coaching, supervision, training and public speaking
  • Has informed and inspired my writing on themes and subjects that I specialize in, have knowledge and skills about and are relevant to my work as a coach, coach trainer and supervisor
  • Has contributed in a rich and meaningful way to my creative expression and personal and professional productivity
  • Produces focus, clarity and resonance for my work particularly helping me to make sense of and create greater order and understanding around much of the emotional and complex material around my work

Who is this workshop for?

The master class is aimed at coaches, coach supervisors, therapists, counselors and mental health professionals. But the master class is also open to practitioners working in the health sectors, education and the helping professions. This is a reflexive and creative process for continuing professional development showing you how to influence your well-being and raise your visibility and authenticity around your work using creative writing as the vehicle for communication, expression and connection. The tools and techniques gained from the master class are transferable skills for practitioners and the individuals you work with.

Why Writing as A Tool For CPD?

Because the practice of writing and it’s value extends across all of these sectors and has enormous potential to change and shift the quality of your presence, your creative thinking and output and is a creative compass for dreaming and visioning your work in a new and different ways

Even more there are health and well-being benefits of creative writing that impacts on reducing stress levels, managing emotions and improving moods and overall well-being. In addition you’ll be in a prime position to generate material and content for courses, products, talks whilst you naturally improve the quality and skill of your one to one coaching and facilitation with groups and teams. For internal coaches there is an even wider reach of extending the quality of your attention, awareness and focus to direct reports and people who you lead, manage and work with.

No specific writing experience is required for this master class.

What participants have to say about the past  workshops…

  •  “ Exceptionally thought provoking … “

  •  “ More bricks in the wall of my Supervision ……..”

  •  “ It has been so long that I have come on a workshop aching for more and delighted ……”

  •  “ Beautifully presented, brilliantly led and perfectly timed……”

  •   “Delight of being taken out of my head and into the imaginable …..


So what do I need to do to sign up?

To sign up either go to and click on the events page or go to and click on the workshop page and you will find a link to book yourself onto the programme.

Venue:  @Myhotel, 35 Ixworth Place, Chelsea, London SW3 3QX.

Date:  26th October 2013

The cost of the day is £149, with a generous discount for members of the Coaching Supervision Academy (discounted fee means you pay £97)

CPD certificates for this master class will be available on the day.