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Keeping ourselves fit for practice

After recently completing her doctoral research inquiry into coaching supervision, Dr Alison Hodge, CSA Trainer and Course supervisor, extends an invitation for you to participate in her next coaching supervision group starting in February 2015.

Alison has extensive experience in executive coaching supervision and coupled with her recent doctoral research inquiry into coaching supervision will inform this fresh, new approach that is at the forefront of contemporary practice, both leading edge and pioneering.

Based on the stages of Action Research inquiry, this programme of sessions will focus on reflection; individually and together you will identify emerging questions; exchange, deepen and identify new lines of inquiry. There will also be an opportunity for theoretical input from Alison and members of the group.

The group of experienced coaches / supervisors (no more than 8) will meet for six sessions during 2015.

Thursday February 26th 2015 will be the first of the session from 10.30am-4.00pm (subject to availability of group members).
Future dates will be agreed as a group.

Central London Venue.

Total fees for the year will be £1500 + VAT (paid in advance)

To learn more about this fabulous opportunity please click on the following link – Alternatively to discuss how this exciting, pioneering opportunity may support you in keeping “fit for practice” do contact Alison directly on 020 8995 5484 or email her –

Edna Murdoch
APECS Accredited supervisor

Director CSA –
EMCC and ICF Accredited Supervision Diploma:
UK, US, Singapore, Australia and France