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Accredited supervision programme – booking now

Dear Coaches, CSA’s 2016, UK, accredited supervision programme is filling up. If you are thinking of training in supervision, read on!

Coaches and leaders rightly demand a lot from their supervisors. So it is important to us at CSA, that our graduates have the capacity to hold the supervisee well and simultaneously to focus on the complex adaptive systems that are part of every supervision conversation. We have created a rigorous, continuous programme to ensure that over the course of a year, our students have the opportunity to grow incrementally, participate regularly in supervisory thinking and practice and receive regular training, supervision and feedback.

The holistic nature of the programme taps into all levels of the learning experience. Therefore, regular teaching, practice and facilitation in the key supervision models is underpinned by growth in relational awareness and skills; CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of Supervision has skilled professional relationship at its core –  it is at the heart of this work. One of the distinguishing features of this programme is that it attends to development of the practitioner – CSA turns out supervisors who work elegantly and who have depth, flexibility and the mettle that is needed to excel in the heat of supervisory work. Our supervisors are fully trained in creating a safe and robust container – the relationship that supports the important work of supervision. The programme offers students a rare quality of experience and engagement with self, with others – and with CSA faculty. This is deliberate; ‘know thyself’ is key to increasing top-level relational, professional skills.

If you want to be successful in the world of coaching supervision, this programme may be the one for you. CSA will work with you to attain the highest level of supervision practice. We attend to every aspect of supervisory work by providing thorough training, practice and feedback in:

Key supervision models, adult learning and advanced dialogue processes, systems thinking, relational intelligence and awareness, group supervision, supervising internal coaches, unconscious factors in supervision.

The CSA programme offers a range of contemporary learning processes and pays due attention to information beyond models – embodied presence work, advanced dialogue processes, field awareness, intelligence through energy awareness – knowledge that enables our graduates to be highly skilled in the art and craft of supervisory exploration.

This elite one-year coaching supervision programme – one of the first to be approved by ICF and accredited by EMCC – models best supervision practice through multi-layered dialogues, generative learning processes as well as through conversation with a wide range of CSA faculty. Our dedicated international faculty have trained with us for many years. They are all Executive Coaches and Senior Supervisors. This programme gives each participant unique level of access to trainers, tutors, supervisors, and webinar leaders – a rich array of professional relationship and expertise that is available to each student.

I believe that CSA, as an organisation has gathered around the best and the brightest to build an amazing, multi-talented and multi-faceted team of extraordinary professionals!

CSA graduate, Linda Galindo PhD, USA

If you would like to know more, see under Courses and Workshops on this site or to have a conversation with us about this training, kindly email Course Director, Edna Murdoch at: