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Course syllabus and costs

Some of the UK11 Graduates!

Part 1 – 3 days: Key Elements in Coaching Supervision:

  • Introduction to CSA’s Full Spectrum Coaching Supervision Model, Tasks and Skills – includes the 7-eyed process model.
  • Beginning the Supervision Conversation – a ‘learning partnership’.
  • Establishing the supervision contract
  • Coming into Multi-dimensional Presence and discovering the power of working with Energy Fields
  • Using feedback in supervision
  • Advanced Dialogue Process
  • Exploring and working with relationship dynamics
  • Organisations as systems
  • Ethics and Standards

Part 2 – 3 days: Advanced Skills and Knowledge

  • Becoming a reflective practitioner
  • Learning styles and Learning spaces
  • Coaching Psychology – EQ, SQ through TA, Gestalt, Transpersonal Psychology
  • Neuroscience and supervision
  • Using the Magic Box (Gestalt-based tool)
  • Multi-party contracting.
  • Working with the body and intuition in supervision
  • Unconscious factors in supervision
  • Working with supervision groups

Part 3 – 2 days:

Final assessment of practice

Day 7 will be a full day of facilitated assessment of practice. We will also cover:

Creative Approaches in supervision

  • Story telling in supervision
  • Five-card exercise
  • Creative interventions for group supervision.

All of the above is supplemented each week, by on-going teaching, discussion and/or demonstration in 9×1-hour webinars, tutorials, 9×2-hour peer learning triads and 8×1-hour supervision sessions to reflect on your supervision practice.

Dates for 2019/20 programme:

October 9-11 2019

February 26-28 2020

June 18-19 2020

Cost: £4590 (ex VAT) plus supervision*


DATES for 2020/2021 programme

October 7-9 2020

February 3-5 2021

June 24-25 2021

Cost  TBA


Once you have been accepted onto the 2019/20 course, a non-refundable deposit of £900 (ex VAT) secures your place.

*Contracting is an essential learning component of becoming a supervisor. Participants will be expected to charge £50-£100ph for each of their 25 supervision practice hours (income: £1,250–£2,500). Participants will undertake 8 hours of their own supervision which is contracted directly with a supervisor from the Approved Supervisor List and charged at a discounted rate of £150 per session – total £1,200.

Location: Central London

All CSA courses honour and develop competencies outlined by EMCC, ICF, APECS and AC.

If you would like to know more about this course or would like to have an interview for the October 2019 intake, kindly get in touch with me:

Edna Murdoch  CEO CSA