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Training In Supervision Skills For Internal Coaches

Since 2004 CSA has run supervision programmes for Internal Coaches who wish to run their own peer-supervision groups. We offer on-going consultancy to these groups.

We have designed and delivered a flexible training for Internal Coaches, coaching companies and coaches in Education, which covers the essential elements of supervision, using CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of Supervision, teaching in group learning and facilitation and in the fundamentals of coaching psychology.

Coaches who complete the training are equipped to facilitate in-house peer-supervision groups and create the conditions for attending to the cornerstones of supervision: Reflection, Insight, Support.

The programmes are delivered as a minimum of two-days training with consultancy follow-up.

We also offer a 3-day programme (2×1 day with a 1-day follow-up), with or without telephone group support.

Contact us to talk about your training needs.