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Narcissism – them, or most of us??

Every now and then, I get a kind of itch around statements I read or hear about so-called ‘narcissists’. I realise that I am not comfortable with the accumulation of perceptions and comments on social media and on You Tube that effectively say – those people over there (narcissists) are not good; neither am I one […]

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Midlife – become a Modern Elder!

I came across this intelligent and original article on the midlife transition and am glad to add it to our blog page. I hope you enjoy it.  Edna Murdoch  CEO CSA. ———————————————————————————————————————— Here Are The 5 New Words/Terms I Learned in Midlife That Revived Me A wailing siren and a soft, reassuring hand. That is […]

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Read on for an innovative article on mirrors, reflection and supervision……….   Sam Magill  CSA Program Leader US – new accredited supervision program starting September 2018! Contact:

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Greg Spiro P1020786

Non-judgement Day: A Proposal

by Greg Spiro on this day we will swim in a sea of listening on this day we will celebrate our description and dialogue on this day we will be charmed by diversity’s palate of minds and colours on this day we will roam in a forbidding place and wonder at its power on this […]

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‘Be A Sovereign Coach’ – Janet Harvey

This 4-part series of outstanding articles is taken from Choice Magazine, The Expert Series. CSA graduate, Janet Harvey ( writes originally and powerfully about use-of-self in our work. Be A Sovereign Coach – 1 I am uncertain when it started, the voice in my head that asked the question, “What do I do that creates […]

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New Chapter Just Published: “Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformation in People, Teams and Organisations” by Elaine Patterson

  Elaine’s new chapter “Waking Up to the Power of Reflection to Unlock Transformation in People, Teams and Organisations” has just been published in “Contemporary Leadership Challenges” which was edited by Aida Alvinius. As Elaine writes in the Abstract to her Chapter: “In our busy and frenetic world, leaders face over-whelm. Never before has there […]

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