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Supervision for Internal Coaches

CSA has many years experience delivering supervision to Internal Coaches. Supervision in organisations varies significantly, so please contact us about your requirements. We work flexibly and design supervision programmes to suit large and small groups of coaches.

We also deliver a 2-day Training in Supervision Skills for coaches in organisations, education and social services and work with coaches who wish to set up their own peer supervision groups.

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Small Group Supervision:

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Small group learning can be a very potent and surprisingly affordable way to experience the benefits of coaching supervision. Numbers are kept low –maximum of five individuals per group. This creates more time for each coach and enhances the potential for learning. CSA has run groups in London and the South East for many years; Miriam Orriss and Edna Murdoch have extensive training in group work and are delighted to see how well group supervision serves the needs of coaches at all levels.

CSA graduates currently run groups in Scotland, Sweden and Ireland, as well as mainland UK. We can provide group supervision service either by telephone or in person, and deliver real results:

Telephone Group Supervision

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This is a superb way to get the benefits of first class supervision at a very attractive rate. Edna Murdoch and Miriam Orriss have run telephone supervision groups for coaches since 2000 and know how potent they can be.

Here’s what some of our supervisees have said about working on the telephone – see quotations in blue on right:

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about Group or Telephone Supervision. We typically run groups as small as two or up to five coaches.

Please note, we hold all client material in strictest confidence, and abide by both the AC, EMCC and the ICF Standards of Ethical Conduct in all our work.

Call us now on 01323 897 344to discuss your group’s specific requirements. Alternatively, please use the contact form and we’ll soon be in touch.

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