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How to choose a Coach Supervisor

Choose your coach supervisor with care. As you look to your supervisor to provide reflection, insight and support, they must be suitably qualified to work with you in collaborative conversation.

Below are some guidelines that will help you to choose a Coach Supervisor. Ticking these boxes will help to ensure that you find a supervisor who will truly enhance your practice.

It is equally important that you feel comfortable with the supervisor – comfortable enough to have a conversation in which all areas of your work can be safely explored and in which you can develop, personally and professionally.

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Coach Supervisor Requirements:

  • Significant training and experience in supervision.
  • In touch with developments in the field of coaching and with current coaching training.
  • Knowledge of corporate life and organizational systems.
  • Significant level of psychological theory especially as it relates to professional life and relationships and to the ability to read organisations.
  • Sensitivity to the learner’s situation.
  • Ability to work with different coaching styles.
  • 5 years’ practice as coach or coach mentor
  • Knowledge of wide range of coaching skills
  • Highest ethical and professional standards
  • Work has been professionally supervised over a number of years.