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Edna Murdoch: A Supervisor’s Diary

These educational and inspiring videos gather up the rich learnings from my supervision practice. I am fortunate to work with coaches, supervisors and leaders across the world and in these videos, I will offer some of the learning that emerges in these supervision sessions. Often I am amazed by what the supervision conversation unearths and I want to make some of the best insights available in these brief videos.  Be prepared to enjoy and to learn – I do!


Video 2: Holding a Space for Ourselves

‘We are so used to ‘holding space’ for others. It’s interesting to reflect on what we can uncover when we hold a space for ourselves. Watch this 4-minute video and consider the journey you are on – its stages and thresholds……what’s next for you?’   Edna Murdoch October 2017

Video 4: Resource Yourself

Resource Yourself! This video invites coaches, supervisors and leaders to become more skilled in managing their energy and in making sure that they do not become unnecessarily depleted. Watch this short video for powerful somatic tools to support you in maintaining high levels of energy while you work.

Video 6: In dialogue you are part of the method

“In dialogue you are part of the method” W Isaacs. In this NEW video we will consider: Why dialogue is important How we go deeper with clients The importance of co-cteating the conversation The art of thinking together’

Video 7: Coaching at Work Awards!

Great news for CSA! I am very grateful to Coaching at Work for 2 awards that I received at their recent annual conference: Lifetime Achievement and Contributions to Coaching Supervision Awards. It was lovely to be honoured by peers in this way and in this short video, I reflect on some of what I’ve learnt over the last […]