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Our Approach

How do I find out more about you and your approach?

We are thought leaders in our field. Our writings are published on the Articles Section on our website and in the professional press (Click here to Articles Section)

Key articles are:

  1. “Why Now and Now What?”
  2. WHO you are is HOW you coach, supervise and work
  3. WHO you are is HOW you talk
  4. The Full Spectrum Map of the Living Fields of Leadership
  5. The Related Relational Leader
  6. “Reflect to Create!” What are leaders experiences of reflection? Findings from Original Research

Blog posts include:

  1. The Real Work of Leaders
  2. Why leading is so difficult and how supervision can help
  3. Leading from WHO you ARE


Events And Programmes

Our programmes include:

  1. 1:1 Executive Reflection
  2. Action Learning / Peer Learning Groups
  3. Workshops and Retreats
  4. Consultancy, Thinking Partnerships, Seminars and Keynotes


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