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Central Tasks of Supervision

  1. Clear Contracting – multi-party contracting where appropriate.
  2. Establishing good boundaries
  3. Enhancing reflectivity – working with content and process
  4. Attending to the Coach’s Personal Development.
  5. Creating the Working Alliance.
  6. Deepening Coaching Presence.
  7. Building the Internal Supervisor.
  8. Offering new perspectives to the coach.
  9. Teaching and developing meta-skills.
  10. Increasing the coach’s interventions and tools.
  11. Being sensitive to the coach’s Learning Style.
  12. Teaching about Coaching Psychology.
  13. Working with Parallel Process.
  14. Giving constructive feedback.
  15. Creating experiments through which the coach can learn.
  16. Offering educative and restorative support to the coach.
  17. Working systemically – with coach, coachee and the organisational context.
  18. Ensuring that standards and ethics are maintained.
  19. Opening up new areas of competence for the coach.