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Coach as Energy Manager


This material is original research which will be incorporated into my forthcoming book on the subject. I hope the following ideas whet your appetite and may cause you to start your own thinking and reading on the subject. Some of the ideas in this paper are original, and I ask you to respect and be mindful of copyright. You are welcome to use these concepts, but please ensure that you fully acknowledge and attribute them to their appropriate source whether that is me or someone else.

This paper is essentially about the new discoveries in Quantum Physics, neuroscience and bio field science – the insights they afford us about the coaching interaction and the tools we use in coaching In the paper, the concepts and ideas from various quantum physicists such as Nobel Prize winning quantum physicist, Ervin Lazlo are used. I also make mention of discoveries in neuroscience as outlined in John Selby’s book “Quiet Your Mind”, and as demonstrated in the work of bio field scientist Gary Schwartz.

It may be that much of what of what you read here is not new to you; however, what I am doing is changing the perspective of coaching theory to include looking at what is happening in the electromagnetic fields which are created within the coaching process and the resultant connections. It is my belief that when we understand the reason behind the way anything operates, we can use those principles more powerfully. The more powerful we make our minds and our intentions, then the more we consciously and responsibly create our life and the Universe around us.

Ultimately, our purpose is to be better at what we do, to be the leading edge, which is the theme of this AC conference, and in so doing, support those whom we coach. In this way clients will more quickly realise their potential and become all of who they are.

First things First – What is the Quantum Vacuum or Zero Point Field?

The Zero Point Field or Quantum Vacuum is the energy field which causes this Universe to exist. It is this energy which creates matter. There are four main ideas which are fundamental to understanding the Field and to realising the implications of these discoveries. They are:

  • the nature of matter
  • the properties of subatomic particles
  • the interconnectedness of all things
  • how consciousness impacts on the Field.

The Nature of Matter

As we investigate matter and break it down to the microscopic level, we eventually find that it cannot be divided into independently existing units any more. This is the level of subatomic particles (energy) – the world of Quantum Particles (QP). At this level we discover that ALL matter is energy – the desk, the car, you, and me. There is no solid boundary between matter and non matter, and both are made up of the same thing – energy, or quantum particles. This has huge implications of the “Dance” of Coaching as we will explore later.

The Properties of Subatomic Particles

It is in the very nature of these particles, how they exist, their properties and their behaviour, how they connect and interact with each other and consciousness which defines the very substance and nature of who we are, how the Universe exists and how we exist within it.

  • Particles are in connection with, and influence other particles via a virtual particle. The virtual particle is dissipated following the interaction, being either reabsorbed by the parent particle or absorbed by the other particle. Once quantum particles have connected, they remain in communication with each other and can “transmit” information instantaneously even if it is across the other side of the Universe – this has been “decisively verified by a number of physicists since 1982” (McTaggart 2001).
  • Particles exist everywhere, at once, at the same time, and there is no definite location or certain place where an electron might be. Only probabilities and possibilities exist.
  • Particles are affected by and react to observation. In 1927 Werner Heisenberg proposed the uncertainty principle otherwise known as the observer effect. Until then it was thought that electrons existed only in pairs, one positive one negative. Heisenberg postulated the theory that they existed in the potential state of having all possibilities and probabilities until observed, whereupon they settled in to the named stated as defined by the observer. In 1997 we finally had the technology to conclusively prove that Heisenberg’s theory is correct.

When we understand that all matter is energy or subatomic particles, and we further understand the properties and therefore resultant behaviour of those particles, two important facts emerge about the fundamental nature the universe –

1. The Interconnectedness of all things

Everything is connected. Ervin Lazlo says that the Field is one vast interconnected field of information and is in fact a hologram where the smallest part contains the information of the whole. If you cause a surge in the electromagnetic field in your kitchen by switching on a kettle, the quantum particles around your kettle will register that surge and instantly communicate that information to other quantum particles with which they have previously been connected, regardless of where those particles now are in the Universe.

2. Consciousness impacts on the Field

The implications of this are enormous. What we observe, we alter. We are catalysts. We imprint our expectation and intent on the Field of the Universe and call into creation from all the differing possibilities, reality. The key to this is what we think and the intent/motive which energises our thinking which brings us to the place where we begin to understand our part in the role we play in creating our own reality in the Universe around us.

In coaching terms, nothing in our client’s world is fixed. Truly, the “Art of Possibility” is the living context for the most effective coaching.

Coaches who understand this can use their intention to powerfully hold the vision and possibilities for their client and to raise their game in how they coach so that interventions are supremely elegant and powerful and months of work can be done in a few sessions.

How do we interact with the Field?

We are energy. Around our body is a 3D electromagnetic (EM) field known as a “torus” field. It is the most stable and powerful magnetic field known to exist. It is produced by the heart and can extend up to fifteen feet around the body. See John Selby’s book “Quiet Your Mind”.

In 1976 Fritz-Albert Popp discovered that every cell in the body contains photons which emit light. It is now known that these bio field emissions are the on/off switch for DNA and for every other function performed at the cellular level. The EM field produced by the heart carries these instructions and messages around the body.

It is my proposal that the EM field we produce is unique and peculiar to ourselves. I call it the Unique Resonance Frequency Field™. That field contains all that we are – body, emotions, mind, spirit – and as a result, vibrates at a resonance and frequency unique to who we are. We are vibrating at our own unique resonance and frequency and are interacting and exchanging information with the Field. We are shaping the Field by our observation and our intent. We are changed by the EM emissions which we create within our own being and by those which we receive from the Field.

From this perspective we begin to understand that everything we experience, see, feel is a result of the interconnection and interaction of the Field; us in it, and it on us. In whatever context we are working in as coaches, it is important that we understand the richness and interconnection of the Field in which we are working.

The Heart of the Matter – what this means for Coaching

What we think, is who we are. What we say, is what we create. “Your body believes every word that you say” Barbara Hoberman Levine. We are co-creators of the Universe, acting and interacting upon it, as it does with us. It is the Dance. We begin now to see the very principles and tools we use in Coaching coming alive in a new way.

The Universal Dance

The Universe is alive. Energy creates matter from which the stars are formed. The stars create the building blocks of life, and provide the matter from which planets and all other matter is present in the Universe. Cosmologists have discovered that the basic amino acids, which are the essential building blocks of life, are present in Space itself. From this perspective one could conclude that the purpose of the Universe is to be – to create the potential for life and to allow life in all its forms to exist. This is certainly Ervin Laszlo’s conclusion in his book “Science and the Akashic Field”.

The life-enhancing life-creating force is the EM Field. Many traditions and many commentators call this energy Love, and if Love is the EM force which connects all things, and which creates the possibility for life and growth, then truly “All you Need is Love – Love is all there is” – (The Beatles). This brings us to the heart and brings into focus the true nature and connection between the energy field of the Universe and ourselves who are both beings within the Universe and co-creators of it.

The Properties of the Heart

  • The heart creates an EM field which carries messages to the cells in your body
  • The heart is a fifth brain. Bio-field scientists have discovered 60-65% of the cells in the heart are actually neurons, identical to those in the brain. The heart can give instruction and release hormones to the rest of the body in the same way the brain can. So we really can “feel and think with our hear”! See John Selby “Quiet Your Mind”.
  • The heart is synonymous with Love throughout literature, myth and mythology. It is the energy field produced by the heart which is the carrier and connector within our own body, and which in turn connects to the Field which connects to everything.
  • Through our hearts we connect with who we are and come home to ourselves. We access our conscious awareness and our consciousness; as we come into alignment, we naturally start connecting and communicating with the Zero Point Field which Lazlo calls the Mind of God. In coaching terms we come into Presence, the place of the heart.

Working from the Heat

Working from a place of Love we “tune into” our client, working with powerful intention, creating possibilities, consciously and deliberately working with the energy field. Holding the vision for our client, supporting them to set their intent and connect with who they are and what they choose to create in their lives.

It seems to me that the process is Love —— Connection ——— Intention ——– Creation
This leads us to the Creation formula Thought —- Word —- Deed (see below)

To quote Edna Murdoch, partner in Coaching Supervision Academy: “Who we are, is how we coach.” This is true. Our passion, our message, what we love and why we coach, are fundamental to the energy which we are creating and transmitting.

Using these principles in Coaching

Creating the Working Alliance – Connecting via the Field

This presentation is only a taster. One can connect these energetic principles – which for ease of reference I call Energy Management™ – to all coaching concepts and techniques. Here, I am using just one coaching concept to illustrate these ideas.

Using my concept of URFF™, the unique energy field around us which contains all of who we are, let’s look at what happens in the coaching when your energy and your client’s energy connect.

  • In the first instance the coach “tunes in” to their client’s field whilst keeping their own “stuff” out of the interaction.
  • From this place of connection with self, one is actually connecting with one’s higher self or consciousness which in turn facilitates our connection with the Zero Point Field and with your client’s field.
  • As we connect heart to heart with our client, we set up a resonance energy field between us and there begins to be an exchange of energy. I see this connection as a figure of eight flowing respectively between the coach and the client’s hearts.
  • It is in this place/state that deep intuitive connection is established, and a flow of energy and interaction begins. In spiritual terms one might call it connecting with Love. In coaching terms it might be called being in a place of Coaching Presence, and forming the Working Alliance.

As we form the working alliance, we are creating an energetic space, which is the container of the transformative process. The energy created has its own resonance and one may view it as a third party or entity in its own right. As the session completes, the client may take away the energy which will support them in the transformative process.

So now we come to Intention. What do we want for our clients? The vision we hold with them emerges from the Temenos – the sacred place – which we create together for the transformational work to be undertaken.

The final part of this process is Creation – How do we apply the Creation formula for ourselves? What are we supporting and enabling our clients to create for themselves?

The Creation Formula

Thought. Everything begins with this. What we think is who we are. We know how the Zero Point field is affected by consciousness. As we think, so we begin to shape the EM field.

Word. Words are energy carriers. As we speak them out, so the energy is released into the Zero Point Field and begins it transformative process. Quantum physicists think that sound was the first EM frequency in the Universe.

Deed/Action. As thought leads into words, which releases transformative energy it cannot be avoided that there will be action. Our action and the action of the Universe. This is the dance of co-creation in which we are engaged constantly with the Universe; consciously or unconsciously.


Everything in this paper – the Zero Point Field, how we connect and interconnect with the Universe and how our consciousness co-creates the Universe, brings us to one very simple and inescapable conclusion. We can choose to whether or not our connection and co-creation with the Universe is conscious or unconscious. We can make positive life enhancing choices simply by deciding to do. As coaches we can choose for ourselves and we can support our clients to choose to engage in this joyous dance, consciously.

Essentially there are only three questions we ever need to ask of ourselves and of our clients.

  • Who am I?
  • Who do I choose to be?
  • How does this serve me to be who I am?

So as I frequently tell my clients: the “Rest of Your Life Is a Decision Away” and that to me is an obvious truth.

I leave you with a question which is a quotation from Mary Oliver’s poem, the “Summers Day”;

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”

Presentation to AC Conference 2006
© Miriam Orriss, Senior Coach and Coach Supervisor with CSA. 2006