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BOOKING NOW – CSA’s Diploma in Coaching Supervision

The 2016 October programme, London, is beginning to fill up! If you would like to apply for this course, get in touch with us – see below.

What makes this course one of the elite coaching supervision programmes??


  1. Long established and highly regarded programme
  2. EMCC accredited ICF Approved for many years
  3. Rigorous and enjoyable learning
  4. Carefully balanced learning modalities: theoretical, experiential, personal, somatic.
  5. Full training/practice in the main supervision models, plus excellent relational/systemic focus
  6. Outstanding international faculty – see:
  7. Each student has access to 4/5 experienced supervision trainers, a tutor, 9 webinar leaders, and their own supervisor – a rich and powerful learning opportunity.
  8. Fabulous international learning community – over 400 grads worldwide.
  9. On-going learning via the International Centre for Reflective Practice.

Our quality control is second to none – all staff are experienced executive coaches and coach supervisors. Each one attends at least 2 of our supervision programmes, post graduation, before being invited onto faculty.

We delight in working with you to ensure that you become a first-class coach supervisor.

If you would like to know more about this programme, click here:

Kindly email me at: if you would like to apply to join us.

Edna Murdoch Course Director