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Coaching Presence

Coaching Presence

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about coaching presence and how very important it is for us to cultivate profound presence – not  just extra awareness.  To begin, I would like to offer you a quotation that says it all in my book and then, a simple practical preparation for presence that works for a lot of coaches.

‘Unconditional presence in the most powerful transmuting force there is.’ John Welwood

Practical Preparation for Presence

 Sometimes it is the distraction of compulsive thinking that takes us away from the present and out of Presence. There are many Energy Management tools which help to bring us into the NOW, into Presence. A basic guide is that the best way to get out of your mind is to get into the body. The following simple and quick exercise has the effect of slowing you down, clearing your mind and enabling you to begin to be present in any situation.  It is particularly useful when working with clients.




Whether you are walking or sitting, become aware of where the ‘ground’ touches your body – through the soles of your feet, the back of your legs and bum, and your back. Bring all of your attention to that physical sensation for a moment.  Feel the ground holding you up.


Now bring all your attention and awareness closer to home – to the trunk of your body.  Be in the centre of your body – let the trunk straighten and feel its strength.


Finally, bring your awareness to your breath. – let your breath breathe you. Notice the rise and fall of your chest or the flow of air as it enters and exits your nose. Ride on the breath.

Practise this sequence slowly and regularly until you are able to use it effectively in a few seconds.  Use it in your life and before and during coaching sessions.


Edna Murdoch