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Coaching Walks


In June, I ran a workshop and “experiential” on coaching walks for the Coaching Network.  This built on the coaching walks I had run with coaches a couple of years ago, celebrating International Women’s Day and Mindfulness practices .  We worked in triads, with a coach, a client and observer.  The coach & observer role actually became fluid, interchanging. We set intentions or ponder themes and walked by the river, over two bridges, a circular route. The coach held the space for the client.  The guidance for both coach and client was the same:

“Notice where your attention goes.  Notice anything else that occurs – thoughts, emotions, associations – perhaps the need fill your shared space with questions and comments.”

After the work, we held a peer supervision group, over a very nice cream tea, to explore what occurred, how much structure might be needed (or not), how to introduce walking as a practice to coaching clients.  As a result of the coaching walk, I produced this poem below (I was the client in the experiential).  If anyone is interested in the resource list of reading that accompanied the workshop, webresources and articles, please do get in

After a time I let the path take me
And then my feet
In companionable step.
So that crossing the bridge
Was the obvious thing to do and
A strongly presented metaphor
(For which I gave thanks).
but not a solution.
When the fresh breeze came it
Caressed my face shockingly,
Lifted me up
So I could dance with leaves
And understand the
Language of trees.
As before.

Lisa Rossetti CSA Accredited Coach Supervisor