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CSA December Newsletter

Welcome to the CSA December Newsletter.


CSA News and Reflections on 2011

Article – Coaching and Food

Chapter on Presence from AC’s book on Coaching Supervision: 

Article – Tree of Executive Coaching

Article –  ‘Mindfulness at Work’ Margaret Chapman

NEW: Supervision Groups and Leadership retreats

Groups and offers

CSA News 

It’s been a great year at CSA – our graduates are working in many countries and the current cohort of students on the supervision Diploma programme are enjoying their training. We already have a lot of interest for the 2012 course; so if you are thinking of training with us, please get in touch.  Our 2012 course in France is already taking bookings and we are establishing courses in the US too.  The 15-strong Training Team at CSA is busy!

In addition to running courses we are glad to see our graduates and trainers in print: Amanda Ridings has produced an excellent book  – ‘Pause for Breath’, backed up by retreats on that theme – see below. Graduates have contributed to two new supervision books this year and CSA graduate, Kate Lanz, with her partner, has published on Psychodynamic Coaching – a superbly clear account of how the unconscious works in supervision.  CSA is currently writing a book on supervision, with our distinct take very much to the fore.

We are have been selected to be in an EMCC pilot scheme to accredit coaching supervision programmes; this is a new departure in the profession and signals that coaching supervision is here to stay and is making a real difference to coaches and mentors.

At a difficult time for everyone, we are delighted that we are busy and that the work of coaching supervision so ably supports professionals who are out there doing important work. Coaches need courage more than ever – there is fierce competition for contracts and once ‘in’, there is more distress and fear around organizations, than I have known before.

We hope that you all take the time you need to re-new over the holiday period and that you enjoy the articles below, which we have gathered for this newsletter.  And if you are looking for a new supervision group for 2012, there are two below – one on the telephone and one in London.

CSA wishes you all a very Happy Christmas and a successful  2012.  May it be all that you wish it to be.  We look forward to connecting with you in the New Year.

Coaching and Food:  by Karyn Prentice

Recently, on the first day of the 2011 CSA programme we were all invited to pick a card as a way to introduce ourselves in the group. The cards had a wide variety of images of all kinds and colours. With almost no hesitation I dived in for the one with a plate of food on a table with a chair; a scene ready for someone to come, sit and enjoy. For me this card represented the pleasure of “eating” together (metaphorically) on this 9 month learning journey for teachers, tutors and students. Gathered as we were, with the abundance of experience represented in the group was like sharing good food that nourishes us separately and collectively.

If I take that metaphor a little wider I think I can apply it to explore the differences between coaching, coach mentoring and supervision.  Read More……..

Chapter on Presence from AC’s book on Coaching Supervision:
Chapter by Elaine Patterson

Presence: A designer luxury or an essential “must have”…??

Just to let you know that Elaine Patterson – one of our CSA graduates and member of our CSA tutor team – has just had a chapter published which explores what the gift which presence and being present can bring to our work.

The chapter is called “Presence in Coaching Supervision” and is published in “Supervision in Coaching: Supervision, Ethics and Continuous Professional Development” – a collection of 17 essays on different aspects of supervision, ethics and CPD – which was edited by Jonathan Passmore and was published by Kogan Page in the summer.

Elaine’s chapter explores whether or not presence a “designer luxury” or an essential “must have” if we are to work creatively with compassion and courage. The chapter

  •  Offers some working definitions for the widely used term “presence”;
  •  Explores what presence can bring to the role and tasks of supervision;
  •  What “presence” – and its opposite the “absence of presence” – can mean for supervisory practice;

as well as

  •  Offering some practical hints and tips on how coaches can enhance their own state of presence in their life and work.

Copies of Elaine chapter can be downloaded from the CSA website or from Elaine’s own website

Introducing the “Tree of Executive Coaching”
..An Organic Framework For Enabling Inspired Coaching Conversations…
Elaine Patterson

I qualified as an Executive Coach with The OCM in 2006, went on to qualifiy as a Coach Supervisor with the Coaching Supervision Academy in 2009,  became accredited as an EMCC Master Practitioner in 2010. But my journey has never been about external labels but about finding a definition of coaching and a framework for coaching which expressed me, who I am and what I want my practice to offer my clients. My wake up call came in 2008 when I was finally challenged by my supervisor who said “.. and so Elaine .. what is your model of practice? ” .. and looking around I found that my library yielded some clues but not my whole picture.

And so I realised I needed to get out of my head and into my heart with what inspired and motivated me……. and looking up from my Studio window I discovered that it was actually my oak tree at the bottom of our garden which had always energised and guided me whenever I needed to re – connect with my presence, spaciousness and inspiration, with potential and possibility both my own and the people I was working with.

Grabbing my sketch book I then started to design my own Tree of Practice ………… Read more

‘Mindfulness at Work’ by Margaret Chapman

Many thanks to Margaret Chapman for her kind permission to include her excellent article in this newsletter.

‘I am aware as I sit down to write this article that the first book on the application of mindfulness- based interventions in organisations is due for publication(1). This follows an Association for Coaching conference in July (2), where the workshop delivered by the book’s author, Michael Chaskalson, attracted the largest attendance.  Chaskalson, along with Mark Williams, Ruby Wax and others from the world of business, entertainment and academia are due to speak at the first mindfulness in the workplace conference in Cambridge, in February 2012 (2).  It seems therefore that there is something of a fuss around mindfulness.

This crossover of mindfulness into organisational practice is embryonic, yet ‘this fuss’ confirms Jon Kabat Zinn’s observation in Mark Williams and Danny Penman’s new book: Mindfulness: a practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world, that ‘… the world is abuzz with mindfulness’(3)……………….Read on

NEW Supervision Groups and Two Retreats.

London EC4 NEW Supervision Group starts 16  January

Karyn Prentice, Executive accredited Coach, accredited Coach Supervisor (CSA),  Senior Tutor on  CSA Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Join us for a small supervision group meeting lunchtime in the City of London. There will be an opportunity for individual time as well as plenary discussion to enhance the learning for all. This can also be a space to co-create the topics of greatest interest as well as trying out different tools and techniques. Please call for more information.  The session will last for 2 hours £50 per person with a group of 4 people.  Call 07721 312 377  (

New Telephone Supervision Group starting late January early Feb (dates to be agreed) by Miriam Orriss

Miriam Orriss, Executive Coach and Director of CSA, will be running a small monthly coaching supervision group , starting January/February 2012. The group will be limited to five participants and will last for one and a half hours. This structure will ensure that everyone has individual time and that we maximise the learning opportunities that this type of group offers. The group will run initially for four sessions.

Areas covered will include:

  • Exploration of issues around contracting, working in Organisations, complex systems, and parallel process.
  • Case study focus.
  • Reflection, learning and support on all aspects of coaching.
  • Teaching and Practice on all of the major Core Coaching Competencies.
  • Teaching on powerful coaching tools e.g. Karpman Drama Triangle, Energy Management.
  • Focus on Relational issues in Coaching.
  • Coaching Psychology.
For more detailed info click here or ring Miriam on 01323 897116

CSA Graduate Amanda Ridings Recommends………………..

ALIA (Authentic Leadership in Action) Leadership Intensive 6 day programme Netherlands March 26th – 31st 2012.

Dear Friends and Associates

Many of you will know that I have raved about ALIA (Authentic Leadership in Action) after participating in their leadership intensive in the Netherlands in 2010 and 2011. The programme is returning for 2012 and information can be found here.

I am unable to go in 2012 because I had already set dates for my Pause for Breath retreat – however, I can’t recommend it highly enough. To me, aside from the content in the programme, I came away with a warm feeling from knowing that there were 120 people in and around Europe that I hadn’t known of before and that are supporting, or engaged in, deeper work (in many different guises) – as the invitation says:

‘In these turbulent times, leadership is a journey without final destination and with few reliable maps. More than ever, leaders, managers, and entrepreneurs find that they must build the road as they walk it. To do this they need to be creative, resilient, resourceful, and courageous. They need tools for working in complex, shifting environments.’

I believe that ALIA programme walks the talk and hope you will help spread the word in your networks, or perhaps even consider joining the 2012 intensive. My ulterior motive is that the 2012 programme will be a success so they are able to return in 2013!

Warm regards

Amanda Riding      01337 858820

Pause for Breath: a Leadership Retreat   19-23 March 2012, Scottish Borders

Amanda is running her own Leadership retreat in Scotland from 19-23rd March.  If you are intersted in attemding a Leadershio Programme, and can’t go to the ALIA one you may be interested to learn more about Amanda’s programme; we have had superb testimonials about this one.

Imagine a week with time and space to take stock, reflect and connect with your deeper wisdom.

Imagine reconnecting with your senses and refreshing your mind, body and leadership spirit and presence.

Pause for Breath. Pause…and bring the practices of mindfulness and dialogue to your leadership.

This purposeful time out is for leaders, coaches and others caught up in relentless activity.

Intrigued? For more information see or my supporting book.