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CSA NEWSLETTER – August 2012

Welcome to the CSA August Newsletter



  1. Two coaching supervision conference reports (OX B)
  2. Reflections on BASPR conference (British Assoc of Supervision Practice and Research)
  3. ICF-Approved Diploma in Coaching Supervision – not many spaces left
  4. NEW telephone coaching supervision groups for autumn
  5. Free article on working successfully on the telephone.
  6. Recovery Coaching Conference – NEWS!


Hello coaches, once again we are coming to the ‘end of term’ and many of us are ready to rest and play. Not before time!  Just before you go, we have put together some interesting information for you and have included a free article on the skills needed for creating a good telephone supervision experience – it applies equally to telephone coaching.

It’s also Olympics time and whether you are interested in all the sport or not, it is hard to avoid the impact of the opening ceremony.  A journalist wrote the following bright, inviting words about group preparation for the ceremony; they sound not unlike the kind of atmosphere we create in coaching supervision:

“Danny (Boyle) created a room where no one was afraid to speak, no one had to stick to their own specialism, no one was afraid of sounding stupid or talking out of turn. He restored us to the people we were before we made career choices – to when we were just wondering – “The world shall perish not for lack of wonders, but for lack of wonder.” G K Chesterton”.

A member of the ceremony team wrote:

“We never imagined the power of the volunteers. They were creative, courageous, convivial, generous. The press was full of stories of the greed and incompetence of our leaders, but our studio was full of people doing things brilliantly for nothing – for the hell of it, for London, for their country, for each other.”

Enjoy the rest of the Olympics!



Below are two reviews of the recent International Coaching Supervision Conference held at Oxford Brookes University. We were delighted that three of the sessions were run by CSA graduates. This well organised day was a great success.

Good Enough Supervision by Jan Brause

I recently attended the Oxford Brookes Coaching Supervision Conference and one of the sessions presented by Katherine Long of the OCM outlined the findings behind the design and pilot of an internal supervision programme.  Katherine asked us at the start of the session for our views on whether supervision can be carried out by internal supervisors within the organisation.  Responses were interesting with a few raised eyebrows but the gist of it for me was ‘it depends’.

In exploring this theme some great questions were asked:

  • What is ‘good enough’ supervision in this context?
  • Who is the main client of supervision in this context?
  • How can internal supervision balance responsibility for the quality of coaching delivered whilst offering a safe space for coaches to explore their practice?
  • What barriers and enablers are there to offering effective supervision internally?
To read more click here

Connection and Learning in Oxford by Jill Savage

My taxi hurtled past Magdalen College with its famous bell tower and I craned my neck to see the Sheldonian Theatre and it’s magnificent eight-sided cupola. What I love about Oxford is its connection to learning and although Oxford Brookes University, where I was attending their second international conference on coaching supervision, is a little outside this beautiful city, it is the words ‘connection’ and ‘learning’ that resonated so strongly all day. So, my journey to the venue already started richly through a city steeped in all of the magic of its dreaming spires and as a historical seat of learning.

I was deeply touched and surprised ………………. To read more click here

British Association for Supervision Practice and Research July 2012 by Edna Murdoch

Five CSA graduates attended BASPR’s superb annual supervision conference. There were keynotes from Paul Hitchens on “Critical Moments in Supervision’ and from Michael Carroll on “Ethical Maturity”  – both enriching.

Overall, we enjoyed the well-paced sessions that gave time for thoughtful processing and lively exchanges.  I found too that I was reminded of how special it is to be encouraged to converse slowly and reflectively, to be comfortable with going deeper in conversation – as we do in supervision. Such a gift in our 21st century culture where true conversation is subtly marginalised and we make do with a quick text, tweet or email and even our professional conversations can be too tightly focussed, driven by the budget and packed with rigid outcomes.

If you are a coach supervisor, I would highly recommend this annual conference to you.  It has been going for over 20 years and is staffed and attended by the great and the good of the supervision profession. Always a rich experience.


CSA’s ICF-Approved Diploma in Coaching Supervision.

Both the UK and Avignon 2012/13 programmes are almost full – so if you or your colleagues are thinking of training with us, do contact for an initial conversation about these excellent courses. See website for details:

Contact Leanne Lowish – –  for the AUSTRALIA supervision programme which is also booking.


Free Article on Telephone Coaching Supervision – how it works, and it’s benefits

Telephone group supervision is a superb way to learn with others and have quality supervision without breaking the bank. If you want to know more about the process and impact of these groups, click here for a free article on telephone coaching supervision.    This is a chapter which was included in: ‘Virtual Coach, Virtual Mentor’, Ed., D Clutterbuck/Z Hussain.

Two New Telephone Coaching Supervision Groups Starting September.

Leanne Lowish, Assistant Director of CSA UK and Accredited Executive Coach and Supervisor with CSA, is running a telephone supervision group with 4-6 people.

The group will meet on a conference line or skype every 4-6 weeks with the specific objective of you becoming a more effective coach. There will be opportunities for individual time to address specific issues and also time for group feedback and discussion that will be facilitated, to ensure maximum value for all. We will explore general coaching issues such as contracting as well as learn new tools and techniques and there will be opportunity to practice with one another or bring recordings from sessions.

The session will last 1.5hours and will cost £60 each. Please email if you are interested and she will give you more details of how each session will run.

Miriam Orriss, CSA Founder and Director, experienced Executive coach and Coach Supervisor .

NEW telephone group starting October – exact dates to be arranged by the group.  This will be a small group of coaches (max 5) and we will meet every month to learn together and to enquire into all aspects of your coaching practice. The group will combine Coaching Supervision with exploration and teaching on key coaching themes, which emerge in the sessions. This lively learning experience will enable you to return to your clients, better skilled, resourced and resilient.

We will use CSA’s Full Spectrum Model of coaching supervision as a guide; the model is unique in that it combines the classic 7- eyed model of Supervision with contemporary coaching tools and insights.  There will also be exploration and teaching in the use of TA and energy perspectives in coaching.

FORMAT     Our starting point will usually be with case studies or coaching enquiries which interest or concern you. I will work with the material presented and then the group will add their support/insight.  I will teach a form of feedback which ensures that we are enabled (not disabled!) by feedback.  As the group progresses, major coaching themes will emerge and there will be reflection, teaching and discussion on these. Typical supervision themes include:

Contractual issues, ‘Difficult’ clients, Exploring critical moments in coaching, Personal Development focus, Establishing good boundaries, Dilemmas of confidentiality, Use of self in coaching, Working in systems, Skills development, Relational coaching, Coaching /counselling borders, Working with intuition, Image and metaphor, Coaching Psychology, Advanced listening skills. And much more! This will be a closed group in order to create commitment and the conditions of safety and trust, which deepen the group’s experience and accelerate learning.

Being in the group will give you a space for professional reflection and will significantly extend your skills, competence and comfort zone. This is not a group for absolute beginners. The group is for coaches who have coaching experience and who will bring client situations from their practice to the group.

The session will last 1.5hours and will cost £60 per person per session. Please email if you are interested.

Edna Murdoch, Director CSA. August 2012