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Our Approach

At CSA we believe that “WHO you are is HOW you lead”™. super-Vision is a shared journey of exploration to discover “WHO you are” when you lead and the bigger landscape within which you lead to find the seeds for learning, transformation and change.

All of our programmes are based on a unique blending of the eastern contemplative traditions with the latest thinking and research on leadership and human development. These include: mindfulness, psychological mindedness, relational dynamics, dialogue practices, energy, neuroscience, systems thinking, learning, and change.

We draw from music, poetry, arts, music and the natural world to enable leaders to re-engage with the wisdom of their hearts, minds and bodies to challenge mindsets and shift thinking for elegant action.

We focus on drawing out insights and wisdom rather than pouring in new techniques (although we are always happy to share our references and writings).

We have developed a map called the “Living Fields of Leadership”™ to offer different lenses for this journey together – a journey which helps leaders and people professionals develop new abilities, skills and capacities which make possible profound learning and lasting transformation.

Click on the images below to view the “Living Fields of Leadership”™ map.