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Demystifying Coaching Presence

Demystifying Coaching Presence Deepening your practice  Join us for an intimate workshop and gain 6.5 ICF CCEU’s towards your CPD   How can you be more present for your clients to create an open, flexible and confident relationship? What if you could truly experience being present and noticing what is ‘going on’ in the here and now with him or her? How astutely do you notice when YOU are not being 100% present? What if you had a choice of recovery strategies for those moments when you are ‘thrown’?   Being a great coach, consultant, facilitator or supervisor requires you to be ‘in the moment’ most of the time, and to be able to ‘read and hear’ what is going on that others are not saying. Presence is a core competency with most coaching and coaching supervisory bodies and it is only taught as a knowledge input. It is equally applicable to consultants and facilitators and again rarely taught; the focus instead being on the external group rather than the internal self. Yet, it distinguishes the ordinary from the masterful, the novice from the alchemist and incremental from transformational.   Most training and development approaches link presence under the topic of mindfulness. We don’t! That is not to say mindfulness isn’t a part of being present, it is. It’s just we approach presence from three perspectives:

  • Somatics and the body as a place of learning
  • The Gestalt cycle of experience
  • Theory U and the source of inner knowing

Only you know when you are fully present; when you are not, your client is likely to know as well. Presence is an experience – you can’t intellectualise it and then do it. Rather you experience and practice it until it becomes a way of living and working. In this one-day workshop we offer you the opportunity to explore to what degree you are being fully present in any of the roles you take on. This workshop is for you if you have ever wondered:

  • How you react when you are triggered or under pressure and learn a strategy to allow you to recover.
  • How to connect with the ebb and flow of an interaction, gain a new level of understanding and choices for action, and leave fully complete.
  • How to access your own intuition and deeper level of self-knowing.
  • How to create space for learning and discovery to emerge.

We have designed the day to give you some personal reflection time as well as the opportunity to observe and practice with fellow participants. My colleague, Yvette Elcock, and I have developed this event for two key reasons:

  • You can practically experience and practice techniques for being present.
  • We are passionate about the additional quality of work this competency brings to all interactions.

By the end of the day you will be able to:

  • Describe what mindfulness means to you and your deeper understanding of the added value of practicing it
  • Apply three core techniques to enable greater mindfulness and presence in your work
  • Use a Gestalt observation framework to facilitate full presence and use of that presence
  • Demonstrate the use of presence in a coaching session

  We keep the number of participants to a maximum of 12. This way we ensure everyone gets some individual attention, the opportunity to work with a mix of people and we stay fully present with you. Your investment for the day is £400 plus VAT. For more information call:         Dawn on 07966 666441 or Yvette on 07779                                             231071. To book please e-mail:          Date:                                             Tuesday 10th March 2015 Venue:                                    MacDonald’s Burlington Hotel, Burlington                                                      Arcade, 126 New Street, Birmingham B2 4JQ Time:                                             9.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m. BONUS   The first 3 people to sign up and pay will receive one hour of coaching or supervision from Yvette or myself.