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CSA is delighted to announce that on September 20th, our new book, ‘Full Spectrum Supervision’ will be published.  This book takes the reader into the heart of the practice of supervision – its methods, models and its magic. Using case study focus and the Full Spectrum Model of Supervision as a guide, readers will discover how the practical and profound enquiry of supervision frees up practitioners to work more intelligently, skilfully – and with humanity. Supervision offers a unique space – a space in which coaches, mentors and leaders can reflect on their work and become more effective in taking care of their organizations, their teams, their clients and themselves.

The book illustrates how supervision draws on adult learning theory, systems theory, the art of reflection, mindfulness, relational psychology, neuro-science and generative dialogue. These provide a rich resource for the reflective practice known as supervision and they bring depth and richness to classic supervision maps and models.

‘Full Spectrum Supervision’ will be a valuable addition to the current  literature on supervision.  It will be available on this website, on Amazon and on Kindle,  on September 20th.


Edna Murdoch  August  2013