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…. Is it time for a spring clean…??



Spring is with us…….. the days are getting longer  and the birds are returning… and I am wondering if it is not also time for us to emerge from our winter hibernations and brush down our cobwebs…??

I just wanted to share with you a process which I have just completed as part of gaining recognition of my prior experience and learning for my Masters Degree in Coaching and Mentoring with Middlesex University…

This was – amongst many other processes – to write my own Curriculum Vitae from the year dot and then write my own Job Description….. A huge groan……… But once I got over – to be honest (!) – my initial irritation at going back in order to go forwards into my Research Project I found both exercises surprisingly inspiring, rewarding and energising. And this is because it proved to be a much deeper reflective inquiry into:

  • Unearthing the inherent patterns and golden threads which hold my executive coaching and coaching supervision practice together
  • Giving space to allow what needs to emerge to emerge and speak for itself

and then

  • Asking myself how I am able to honour the past, present and my emerging future

The headings for anybody who is interested in such a processes is loosely as follows:

For the Curriculum Vitae to include all your

    1. Formal Education
    2. Professional Qualifications and Other Accreditations
    3. Other Courses and Trainings
    4. Memberships of Professional Bodies
    5. Employment and employment roles
    6. Unpaid work
    7. Publications
    8. Design Work
    9. Relevant Life Experiences and hobbies

and look for the hidden patterns

For the Job Description to include ( and I was horrified to realise that I had not actually written one for myself since I had gone free lance relying on my personal learning plans for direction rather than identity)…

  • Job Title
  • Position
  • Accountabilities
  • Hours
  • Job Purpose Summary
  • Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities
  • Person Profile stating experience, qualifications, qualities, skills, knowledge and attributes together with other requirements

and be courageous, bold and ambitious …… ask yourself would you apply for your own job…??!!

…… I hope that you enjoy the process… and unearth some wonderful surprises!!

……Wishing you all the very best for 2011…


Elaine Patterson can be contacted on +44 1895 635734; email

or web: