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Leadership Today: The Big Picture

waveToday’s New Norm

CSA Leadership has been set up to help leaders learn how to lead successfully in today’s choppy waters of unprecedented and continual change and challenge.

As Barrett C Brown (2013) noted from a recent IBM Global CEO Survey:

“the great majority of CEO”s expect that business complexity is going to increase, and that more that half doubt their ability to manage it. The sheer difficulty of keeping a corporation afloat in such turbulent economic, political, and social water is beyond most leaders experience and mental capacity”

chartsA quick look at some key statistics shows why:

  • 58% of new executives fail with 18 months of taking up post (Source: HBR Study, 2003)
  • 89% of new employees admit that they do not have the full set of skills or knowledge to do their jobs (Source: Corporate Executive Board, 2005)
  • Only 30% of CEO’s are confident that they have the talent needed to grow their organization in the near future (PWC Trends in Human Capital, 2012)
  • Worldwide only 13% of employees are actively engaged (Source: HBR: State of the Global Workplace, 5th November 2013). The majority of employees are with not engaged or disengaged.
  • Only 15% of leaders sampled showed a consistent capacity to innovate and to successfully transform their organisations (Source: Torbet, Rooke and Fisher, 2000)
  • There is a 50% overuse of our planet’s resources to sustain our current levels of consumption (Source: Scharmer and Kaufin, 2013)