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Limited space for last minute, two-day Iain McGilchrist Workshop Exploring the Divided Brain Hosted by Field and Field

CSA is delighted to support this superb Neuroscience event.

Last Call for the 4 day Ian McGilcrest residential workshop to be held in the Cotswolds from 3rd March to the 6th March.

Iain McGilchrist
 Author of “The Master and his Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World”
“He is committed to the idea that the mind and brain can be understood only by seeing them in the broadest possible context, that of the whole of our physical and spiritual existence, and of the wider human culture in which they arise – the culture which helps to mould, and in turn is moulded by, our minds and brains.”
This powerful and mind changing book has now been filmed as a documentary that includes John Cleese, the Monty-Python actor. In John’s own words it “is probably the most interesting, most important book I’ve ever read.” the
This is your opportunity to meet Iain, hear about the latest thinking on the human brain and get involved in practical applications and discussions among others that have also been enthralled by his writing and talks.
This event is available on a residential basis, where you can sit back and relax, knowing that you’re every need has been taken care of for the entire weekend.
Or, you can come and go at your own pleasure with our non-residential option.
I have been to this event previously and can really recommend it.
Miram Orriss Director of CSA