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Mindfulness for Coaches

Transform your Personal and Professional Life

As busy professionals working in complex client settings there are frequently multiple demands on your time, effort and attention. How do we replenish ourselves before, during and after each session to help ourselves develop resilience and resourcefulness to meet challenging issues?

Mindfulness provides a systematic approach to developing a regular, sustained practice to enhance the quality of your present moment

experience and to pay attention to yourself, your intuition and your physical sensations.


  • Learn to observe negative thought patterns and to react differently.
  • Improve concentration and focus.
  • Develop deeper levels of empathy and rapport, as well as          emotional intelligence.
  • Develop a new personal and professional tool.



This programme includes:                                                               

  • Formal and informal meditation practice
  • The physiology of stress
  • Thinking patterns
  • The role of compassion in self-acceptance
  • Understanding the way our thinking gets in the way of being
  • Connecting to a wider field of knowledge
  • Building real and sustaining practice
  • Informed by neuroscience research
  • Working with like-minded coaches and psychotherapists



  • Manage one’s emotions in a less reactive way.
  • Learn to use curiosity in a new way.
  • Be able to hear and see as if with new ears and eyes.
  • Be able to be more kind and compassionate to self and others.


This programme is facilitated by Bryan Emden and Karyn Prentice, both CSA accredited coach supervisors, qualified coaches and UKCP psychotherapists. They trained at the University Bangor, Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice and have long standing personal contemplative practices.

Fees:     £800 + VAT for whole programme and materials

 Booking Information      contact Karyn Prentice @ or

Venue: 12 Coldbath Square, London, EC1R 9HL  Easy access from Farringdon or Chancery Lane underground stations and numerous bus routes.