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Miriam Orriss

Coaching Supervision Academy Director and Executive Chair

Miriam, co-founder of the Coaching Supervision Academy, co-designed CSA’s Diploma in Coaching Supervision. She has a long history of working with supervision in a variety of professional and business contexts including with senior managers and their teams, front line practitioners, psychotherapists and counsellors.

Miriam is CSA Executive Chair and a Senior Tutor on the CSA Coaching Supervision Diploma course, which is now in its eleventh year in the UK.  This course is one of the leading training courses globally for coaches who wish to become supervisors; currently courses are running in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia and the US.


Professional and Educational Background. 

Certificate of Qualification of Social Work (CQSW) 2yrs

Transactional Analysis Psychotherapist, Metanoia London 6yrs

Diploma in Natural Spiritual Healing (Dip.NSpH) 18mths

Diploma in Progressive Counselling (Dip.P.Couns.) 2 yrs

Life Coaching  (The Life Coaching Academy)

Corporate Coaching (UK College of Life Coaching.) 1yr

Many Personal Management, Leadership, Supervision and Development courses over 25 years.

Member of EMCC

Member of SRMHC Association


Miriam has have been involved in supervision for 25 years in several contexts:

She co-designed the first Supervision-on-Call™ service in the UK, supervised for a wide range of coaching projects. She is a highly skilled supervisor with individuals, teams and groups.  As part of her responsibilities in overseeing and managing a department within a local authority, Miriam wrote Supervision Policies, Procedures and Protocols and trained senior and middle managers in Supervision Skills.  Miriam is familiar with balancing legal, procedural and professional requirements with understanding, care and compassion for the individuals concerned.  This is especially valuable when supervising coaches worldwide, within the corporate sector and in organisations.


Professional Profile for Miriam Orriss

Miriam Orriss has trained and worked in Personal Development and Management in the Public and Private sectors for 30 years.  The common thread in her work, has been her connection with people and her belief that we are more that the sum of our parts.

In addition to her considerable skill base as a trainer, manager, supervisor and therapist, she has also trained as a Natural Spiritual Healer, Progressive Counsellor, and Executive Coach.  Miriam was, for many years, an Associate with Full Potential Group, working as Supervisor and Coach for their senior clients. She also worked Body and Soul Solutions, and as a Business Consultant with Reeves Davis, supporting them in their work with Business Link.

Miriam is a pioneer in applying the principles of quantum physics, neuroscience and bio-field science, to the practice of supervision.  Her unique understanding gives added precision and depth to supervision’s focus on living systems.  These insights enable Miriam to work powerfully with supervisees and teams across the world. She refers to this aspect of her work as “Energy Management” and has written a number of papers on it.  Miriam blends and applies these concepts to the theories and practice of TA.  The merging of these ideas is unique in supervision and extends       the understanding of who we are in our work and how, as human beings, we interact with each other and how we affect the systems in which we work. Her most recent paper, ‘The Energy in the Triangle’ forms the basis for her second presentation to the Oxford Brookes International Supervision Conferences.


Conference presentations on Coaching Supervision include:

Euro Coach Conference – Who you are is how you coach.” 2009

BASPR (British Association for Supervision Practice and Research) 2010

Presentations to the London Coaching Group 2009

Presentation at the EAPA AGM March 2010

Assoc for Coaching Conference, ‘Coach as Energy Manager’ 2006

European Energy Psychology Conference   2003

Keynote and Presentation for ICOS Conference, 2006

EMCC International Conferecne 2010

ICF CPD The Art of Mastery 2011

BACPC Inaugural conference: British Association for Counselling and Therapy Coaching, 2011

Oxford Brookes 2nd International Supervision Conference on Coaching Supervision – Exploring the Relational Field 2012

Oxford Brookes 5th International Supervision Conference on Coaching Supervision – The Energy in the Triangle (A fresh look at the Karpman Drama Triangle) 2015

Severn Talking Conference ‘Sitting in the Place of Unknowing – Working with Energy and Presence in Relational Practice’ 2015