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NEW! Advanced CPD for Coaches, OD, HR, Leaders and People Professionals CSA | ICRP’s “Full Spectrum Coaching”: Working Multi-Dimensionally in a VUCA World

NEW: Advanced CPD for Coaches,OD, HR, Leaders and People Professionals

Introducing CSA | ICRP’s “Full Spectrum Coaching”: Working Multi-Dimensionally in a VUCA World


Are you looking to step up your coaching in today’s VUCA world?

Do you need to refresh and update your skills since your qualification as a coach?

Are you looking to work more deeply?

Do you want to increase your range and confidence as a coach?

Is relational intelligence exactly what you need to get to the next level?

CSA | ICRP are delighted to announce the launch of their new online blended learning programme called FULL Spectrum Coaching to refresh and re-energize you and your coaching practice.

With over 15 years of supervising coaches and 12 years of running the highly acclaimed Diploma in Coaching Supervision in the UK, Asia Pacific, USA and France, we have gained a unique understanding of how to resource coaches to do their work to the highest standards. The most often repeated feedback from our graduates is: ‘this program has transformed my coaching’.

Our powerful methods and tools are informed by experience in training top coaches around the world. We have thoroughly researched our teaching and can confidently offer key models and practices that will greatly enhance your coaching practice.

Full Spectrum Coaching (FSC) understands that you, the coach, are central to your work. FSC will take you to a world beyond your current models to focus on how your ‘being’ is key to impactful coaching. The program will help you to focus on the core human capacities of relational presence, advanced dialogue process, field awareness and the art of reflection. These ensure competence for working with a post-conventional consciousness so that coaches are equipped and resourced to work effectively in highly complex and ever-changing environments.

Program Design

This 6-month program is structured around 6 x 90 minute themed webinars. The webinars will be hosted by a member of CSA | ICRP Faculty with expert input from Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice.

The webinars will be supported by 2 personal 1:1 Tutorials and by participants meeting in 4 peer coaching triads after Webinar 2 and before Webinar 6. The tutorials will be held with a member of the CSA/ICRP Faculty, all of whom are experienced coaches and coach supervisors. A Reading List will be provided. Relevant articles will be uploaded onto a Shared Dropbox Account

Webinars will be held at 8.00am GMT and at 3.00pm GMT in two cohorts to accommodate a global audience. There will be a maximum of 18 participants in each cohort to facilitate dialogue and connection within our co-created learning communities.

Peer coaching will be self-organized after Webinar 1.

Tutoring. Participants will be matched with a Tutor. Tutorials will be arranged off-line to suit both parties.

The themed webinars are as follows and will provide the focus for each round of peer coaching and 1:1 work

Webinar 1.    Opening Circle: With Edna Murdoch and Elaine Patterson

Programme Launch and Scene Setting

To welcome participants onto the programme, to role model contracting, to build our learning community and to explore what work feels like and what is needed from us as people professionals in service of another’s learning

Webinar 2:   Relational Presence: With Karyn Prentice and Elaine Patterson

To understand “WHO you are is HOW you work” is so central to your work and to the energy you are transmitting to the other. To learn how to bring our full humanity through our new 7C’s Map to our work. To experience a number of relational presence exercise and practices, which will help you to more readily connect with yourself in order to connect with the other and with the world.

Webinar 3:   Advanced Dialogue: With Edna Murdoch 

To discover how you can become a Dialogue Artist skilled in the artistry the Coaching Conversation and in the dance of the coaching relationship. Exercises and practices will show you how Dialogue allows each person in the conversation to think and share clearly – allowing the right words to emerge at the right moment.

Webinar 4:  The Art of Reflection: With Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice

To discover how to unlock reflection’s transformative and creative powers and how to become a life long reflective practitioner. Exercises and practices will show you how to integrate reflection into your life and work and how to powerfully role model this for your clients.

Webinar 5:  Field Awareness: With Miriam Orriss

To discover how understanding energy, energy fields and energetic heart to heart connection can bring us into alignment with ourselves, with the other and with nature to transform our work. Exercises and practices will help you to experience and embody the theory.

Webinar 6:   Closing Circle: Self Care, After Care and Close:  With Edna Murdoch, Miriam Orriss, Elaine Patterson and Karyn Prentice

To focus on energy self care, how you can resource yourself, how to manage endings and close with a celebration.

 For Your Investment

Participation will give you:

  1. The ability, range and confidence to work more deeply with your clients
  2. An expansion in your range of competencies and capacities as a coach
  3. Development of the foundational insight that WHO you are is HOW you coach
  4. Access to new resources to inspire and stimulate you and your practice
  5. Experience in new exercises, tools and practices to apply to your work
  6. New awareness of the power of reflection
  7. Connection with experienced, like-minded colleagues
  8. Membership of a rich learning community which will refresh and energize you, including access to further CSA/ICRP faculty for CPD offers post completion. These will embed and extend your learning further.



Participation on all aspects of the programme with the submission of a 2,000 word reflective log at the end of the programme will lead to an Advanced CPD Certificate in Full Spectrum Coaching of 30 hours.

Please note: The Advanced CPD Certificate in Full Spectrum Coaching currently attracts 12 ICF CCEUs in Resource Development plus any time spent reading to be determined by each participant. Once the course has been completed we will be able to consider endorsements from a range of accrediting bodies. Participants may count 30 hours CPD towards CSA re-accreditation.



We are gathering cohorts to run at different times to accommodate different time zones as we receive bookings.

To find out more or to book please email Elaine Patterson at

Maximum of 9 – 12 per Course

Cost per place: £550 with no VAT payable

£180 non-refundable deposit on booking.

Balance payable mid way through the programme.

Books on the reading list will need to be purchased separately.


To find out more

Please contact Elaine Patterson CSA | ICRP Director at or mobile +44 (0) 7990 612646.